If Dems keep rejecting Trump’s border-wall, offers of compromise, you will own the shutdown: Marc Thiessen

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In spite of the President Trump ‘ s own statement early on that he would be “proud” to shut down the government to the financing of the US-Mexican border wall, the political losers could end up as the Democrats, the Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen, argued on Wednesday’s “special report” All-Star panel.

It has been almost a week since the partial government shutdown began, and it seems that neither the President nor the Democrats in Congress, restraint in this fight. The President told reporters on Tuesday that he knows when the shutdown will end, said the government will not call it fully functional again “, until we have a wall or fence-whatever you want it to.”

The All-Star panel that included Thiessen, Washington Post opinion writer Karen Tumulty and real clear politics co-founder and President Tom Bevan, weighed in on the shutdown ultimately benefited.


Thiessen told the panel that the time “on the president’s page” in his fight against Democrats, the appeal to versions of the expected incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., about how to Trump the wall was not always a “beaded curtain” and a “sign that Democrats have to negotiate and that you don’t take it seriously.”

He promised, in comparison to the Federal Budget Director Mick Mulvaney’s recent counter-offer of a reported $2.1 billion for the wall, instead of the $5 billion originally.


“So the President is trying to come to a compromise and an agreement is reached and the Democrats to make snarky jokes and think you have it mandatory on the run and not. For the short-term, he has to shut down because he claimed the mantle of the shutdown. He said: “I want to shut down the government to drive across the border to safety.’ But in the course of time, if he seems to be a — the Americans want a compromise — if he compromises, and the Democrats demand absolute devotion, then it will probably backfire on you, because that is not what the American people want!” Thiessen said. “And in the course of time, as he thinks-if he can be responsible, and make concrete offers, the concessions to the Democrats-then in the course of time, you will begin to have the coat of the shutdown. So I think he has a right to stay to his guns and be reasonable and make reasonable offers.”

Tumulty pointed to those who say that the partial government shutdown is “no big deal,” reminded the panel that the government workers who “live paycheck to paycheck” are still affected by the shutdown.

Meanwhile, Bevan determined that it is screwed only to the “first quarter” in this fight to the limit of the funding and to get things to “high” in the new year. He also told the panel that we’ll find out next week when Thiessen prediction was correct.

“Democrats will come back, Nancy Pelosi, a bill in the house on may 3. To open in January, the government, and then, you are not going to keep the pressure on Trump, ‘Why do you want to sign? Why don’t you do that?'” Bevan developed. “Now, there is no limit of funding, and that is when the fight is really heating-up and we are going to see who has the advantage and where the pressure points are, and whether or not Marc is playing the scenario where Trump this can turn around on you and say, ” Listen, I’m bargaining in good faith. You guys are not negotiate at all. So, now it’s up to her to shut down.’ But it is serious in less than a week.”

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