‘If Brazil can beat, then you can go to the finals

The Red Devils are overjoyed with the victory over Brazil and the final beckons. But no one underestimated the strong France. “We will be there.’

Kevin De Bruyne was man of the match against Brazil. © BELGA

Kevin De Bruyne was a very clever afstandschot for the second Belgian hit in the quarter-finals. Had Fernandinho to the Belgians, with an own goal all on 0-1. Renato Augusto brought a quarter of an hour for time of stress with the 1-2, but it also meant the Brazilians not more.

“This was a big test for us,’ opened De Bruyne afterwards. ‘Brazil is offensively very strong. We have the first half was perfectly played. In the second half, Brazil has the tactical good is changed, but the eight people in the back are decisive. They ensure that we (Hazard, Lukaku and De Bruyne, red) the front could do the job. It doesn’t matter how you tactical play, if you win. We have tried the tactical plan perfectly to work out, and that is today successful. Still two games to go.’

“We are very proud that we are in the final four sit, and now we must do everything possible to make also against France to win. The eyes of the whole world are directed at us. If you are so close, you also want to make it to the final. I hope now many images of the fans in Belgium to see it, because if you do for. I can enjoy it, ” De Bruyne.

With France wait now for the second game in a row, a particularly troublesome opponent. “In the semi-finals are no weak teams. It is the details, the differences are minimal. We must now do everything possible to be physically and mentally ready. France is an exceptionally strong team, but I think we have our foot next to it.’


If you Brazil can be beat, then you can go to the finals

Thomas Meunier

‘We will stand’

Coach Roberto Martinez was very pleased of his Red Devils. “These are the moments to cherish’, he left the Spaniard again.

“They have fantastic played and never given’, explained Martinez. “They’ve got Brazil, a very strong team, not let them dominate. I hope that everyone in Belgium very proud. This is such a special group of guys. It is they who have the game, not me.’ “We have our system over the past two days changed’, continued the head coach. “The boys have immediately accepted and picked up. She had the urge to win. I could not be more proud. This is such a special feeling. Brazil defeat in the world Cup… It is an incredible experience. I hope that everyone that understands and cherishes. We will now prepare for the semi-finals. We will be there.’

‘Only one way’

Thibaut Courtois was after the end of the contest full of praise for his team. “This is a great performance from us,” said the goalkeeper after the match. “We have great well-played, especially in the first half. Everything was right. They had it difficult with our counter-attacks. Two times we scored after a good counter attack for the corner that the second goal happened before was a result of a counter. We were also very good to defend”.


There is only one way and that is to the finals

Thibaut Courtois

Brazil came in the second half a few times close to the equalizer, but the Red Devils remained until the end of the match concentrated. Courtois allowed himself to remark with a wereldredding. “In the second half we got a bit more difficult. Of course, because Brazil offensive is very strong. We have the job done with some good rescues.’

After the victory against England ended in Belgium as a group leader in the column with the heavier opponents. With Brazil switched Belgium is one of the favourites. In the semi-finals awaits France. “We wanted to stay here until the end. Everyone talked about the difficult way. There is only one way and that is to the finale,’ decided to Courtois.

A strong group

“It had a quieter wedstrijdeinde if that goal had not swallowed it,” said Eden Hazard with his characteristic smile. ‘For the last fifteen minutes were difficult. We had the ball is no longer in our ranks, but defended well. The team has worked very hard. And I am not just talking about the eleven players on the field. We have difficult moments, but we always, as a group, strongly held. We have goals set and achieved. Tonight, we are all very happy. Our next opponent, France, has also very strongly played in the knock-out stages. Together with Brazil, that is perhaps the strongest opponent. But we also have strong players. We go again to give it their all. We know that it will be difficult, but that is it for France, for sure.”

Press for the ‘golden generation’

“Everyone says that we are the golden generation. That brings pressure with it. In this contest we have to achieve. On willpower, and with a bit of luck, that is well, ” said Toby Alderweireld after the end of the match against the NIS.


We know that it will be difficult, but that is it for France certainly also

Eden Hazard

It was a competition just to stand still. Alderweireld: “Some guys were crying after the final whistle. We have given everything to achieve this. Some of us could almost not more and had cramping but threw himself to the shot of the opponent. That was very nice. Let’s just enjoy. And then the focus on the next match against France.’ It was a special evening, said the Tottenhamverdediger yet. “Belgium is a small country. And then we win the big Brazil. This is a milestone.’

“Incredibly, we have to be 110% and that 10% gave us the feeling that we have a man more on the field stood. At the tactical level, nobody could expect, ” said Thomas Meunier, who by his yellow card in the semi final match against France should miss. “I feel pride. This is wonderful for our team, our supporters and the whole country. This is unseen. It is now no longer about Mexico ’86. The new generation, by all the ‘golden generation’, is there. In the semi-final against France is also going to be hard. But if you Brazil can be beat, then you can go to the final,’ decided Meunier.

‘A fifteen trained’

“I’m devastated,” said Jan Vertonghen. ‘Unbelievable that we have achieved, under so much pressure, against the top favourite. We have never in this way, in this system played. Because the matches each other so quickly follow, we have here only to Thursday, fifteen minutes to trained. Furthermore, we have a few times still talked about. We all stood behind the way of play and believed in it.’

The ‘Golden Generation’ showed a lot of ink to flow, but put Friday night also marked a milestone in the Belgian football history down. “We had this contest are necessary to us as a ‘Golden Generation’ to confirm, that we are not a lost generation would be called,’ said Vertonghen. “We are there. We believed fully in the qualification and have our lives given for this contest. The VAR has then also look at our advantage pronounced. That should also ever.’

Now enjoy, plenty to werkDelen

Everyone knows that I like to score, but the team prevails

Romelu Lukaku

“We know that there is still work ahead”, said a sober Romelu Lukaku. “There remains to us still two races to try something big to achieve for our country. We are realistic: after the match we said to each other that we should enjoy this moment. But everyone is also aware of our objective. Two times 90 minutes to the world title. When Brazil the 2-1 made, there was a lot of pressure on our defense. But who has a great job. That promises for the coming week.’

Lukaku made an incredible assist on Kevin De Bruyne for the second goal. “Eden called for me to get him the ball to give,” said Lukaku. “But I saw the space and started to walk. I looked to my left and right and saw only Kevin. I got him the ball and he made a fantastic goal. I’m not here for myself at this world cup, I would not be at the expense of everything score. Everyone knows that I like to score, but the team is the priority. The families will now come again. We are going to enjoy and from the day after tomorrow to us again and fully focus on the semi-final against France.’

“Most beautiful moment of my career’

‘As a professional footballer you can’t have more dreams than win of Brazil. As little boys we looked all for the world cup on tv. It is not to realise that we are there now. In Belgium will also fool anyone. We are very happy.’

In the past it was the Belgian team often criticized for no ‘real team’. “We have now shown, however, counterde Axel Witsel. “Also against Japan, we were a block. Today We have tactical great played, very intelligent in our positional game. The first half was almost perfect. We were very well organised and strong on the counter-attack. That way we did Brazil in a lot of pain. Whether we dream of the world title? If you are in the semi-final, you can not otherwise. Of course we believe in it. But first we are going to properly recover and ensure that we are there on Tuesday again.”

The Red Devils play Tuesday night (at 20: 00) in Saint-Petersburg in the semi-finals.

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