“If Belgium is not world champion, apron, something about the voetballogica’

Sport/Voetbalmagazine strict Matthew Le Tissier, a cultheld from the English football and now an analyst with Sky Sports, for an interview. He gives his opinion about some of our Red Devils in the Premier League.

Matt Le Tissier step on his old day still have a ball. © BELGAIMAGE

A cultheld, that is Matt Le Tissier (48). By his coaches criticized because of his lack of physical and tactical discipline – with defend was a concept that he is not believed, but by football fans across the world adored for his fantastic goals. His trademark: careless but highly accurate range missiles. Check You Tube and you know what we’re talking about.

His personal favorite? “In 1994, against Blackburn, he replies without thinking. ‘A shot from 30 meters into the intersection, neatly over goalkeeper Tim Flowers (see video).’ It was later in the Match of the Day voted goal of the year. ‘Goals, that is the reason why I’m a footballer,” he says. “The applause, the people you name chant… Your confidence grows and you dare things to try. And then trap you so from thirty yards to goal.” (laughs) Even more accurate Le Tissier from the strafschopstip: in his career, he was allowed to 48 times a penalty stairs. 47 times went within.

For Soccer Saturday, an voetbalprogramma on pay-tv channels Sky Sports, in which the Saturday matches of the Premier League need to be discussed, shows Le Tissier himself has in the meantime been eleven long years a valued analyst. He also has a clear opinion about some of our Red Devils in the Channel are active.

About Eden Hazard: ‘Pure magic. By his low centre of gravity, he can suddenly change direction. If he is in the right mood is, he is the best player in the Premier League. This season, he was top, last season not good and the year before that, downright fantastic. He still lacks regularity in order to really to the category of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to belong.’

Jan Vertonghen: ‘A sterkhouder of Tottenham. Especially his partnership with Toby Alderweireld is great, together they form the best verdedigersduo in the Premier League and they are a major reason for the success of the Spurs.’

Mousa Dembélé: ‘I love to watch him! He makes everything so easy seem. But I have one big criticism of him: he does not score enough. That frustrates me, because he has so much potential and talent. But when he schietkans gets, he always still that additional passje. He is not ruthless enough. A pity, because all other aspects of his game are fantastic.’

Romelu Lukaku: ’85 million euros seems to me a little above his market value, because it is a player with flaws. I count him not by the absolute topspitsen. For Everton and WBA, he showed his torinstinct and with a top team such as Man U, he will definitely score more, but I don’t bother me, sometimes to his invisibility. I see too many matches where you are after half an hour wondering where he is. And he must also prove that he is up against the top teams as efficient as against the smaller ploegjes.’

Marouane Fellaini: ‘A very useful player in the Premier League, but I was surprised that Man U bought him. Because I consider him not good enough for the top five in England, however, for the teams of five to ten. For the subtop, he can make all the difference.’

Kevin De Bruyne: ‘De Bruyne is so smart, he sees passes that others do not see, and he scores easily. Also from a distance. That is why I see him, preferably somewhat higher on the field than as a central midfielder. With his excellent shot is the sin to him so far from the penalty area. Especially the tandem with David Silva , I think gold is worth, with those two you can every game in the world to your hand.

‘Actually, if you have all those names so it sums up to… if Belgium next year, no world champion is in Russia, there is something deeply wrong with the voetballogica.’

Read the full interview with Matt Le Tissier in our +zone, or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 26 July.

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