Idols-winner Nina den Hartog had gain’d rather someone else see it go

Idols-winner Nina den Hartog had gain’d rather someone else see it go

Idols-winner Nina den Hartog says that they’d rather had seen that someone else is the talent show had won. They think that others are more out of the profit they could get, than that they did.

The 19-year-old singer after her win multiple singles released, which were unsuccessful. Also, she has many appearances in her agenda. “It is because I am not really wanted,” says Den Hartog against the AD.

Den Hartog has currently still a record deal with Cloud 9 Music. The singer says is still around to be able to come out of the music. She sees herself not as an idol. “I’m not made for pop music and the hits. I try to write songs. I want not only the voice, but also tell my story.”

“I’m not the idol. Not the standaardplaatje. But I find it cool that I have won”, says Den Hartog. “Everyone can be an idol, as you people but hits.”

After its profit during the final of Idols in June, where nearly 900.000 people were watching, did Den Hartog differently than she was. In the newspaper, she tells a lot of selfies to have posted on social media to the “perfect Idol-winner hanging out. “Then I thought suddenly: I am absolutely not, this I would not normally post. So I’ll do that now.”


Den Hartog, especially now their own songs, in hopes that the public her music in the long term going to hear. It is not yet clear whether that will happen. “For example, it is not sure whether we have an album.”

After the summer holiday comes Den Hartog, and also to study, they still don’t know what. “A musician is an uncertain existence. If you are busy, it is fine. But it is waiting to see if it’s not busy and I love it not so”, says the singer.

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