ICE offices, workers hit by the wave of violence and threats: “We know where all your children live’

in the vicinityVideoTom Homan “sick and tired” of Democrats to attack the ICE after the Mississippi RAID

Former ICE Deputy Director Tom Homan says the Democrats have to.go back and read the laws created by Congress, before they start vilifying the ICE agents do their job

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees are faced with a rapidly escalating series of threats, including demonstrators, threatening their children, and shots are fired in their offices, in the midst of a rising tide of anti-ICE-rhetoric of the left, stoked by the Democrats in the Congress, media votes, and the President of the hopefuls.

Footage released Tuesday by Breitbart News shows protesters in Florida by groups such as ” Never Again action and Black matter Alliance of Broward County Lives threaten the employees and former employees of the GEO group, a private contractor used by the ICE.


A protester of the family of GEO, threatened group, the former general counsel, John Bulfin is.

“We know where all your children live across the country … John Bulfin are kids in the [censored] that you have to be censored for children, in the [ … ],” the protester shouted. “We know all about you and you will not only see us here.”

“We know where you sleep at night,” another protester shouted. “We know what kind of dog food that you buy for your dogs.”

“We’re not supposed to joke,” the protester said, before the Bulfin life screaming to the place where. “John Bulfin to go to [censored], you go to the Church of the [censored], you live on the [redacted] street. We are not a joke.”

Others can be heard shouting: “If immigrants, organs are attacked, what do we do?”

“Fight back” other demonstrators, reacts.

Breitbart reported that the shots were taken a day before the shots on Tuesday were fired early in a ICE office and the GEO Group office in San Antonio, Texas, in which the FBI has called a “targeted attack.”


The shooting occurred around 3 a.m. in the morning in an ICE-building, where two floors house administrative and executive offices, according to San Antonio Express-News. The outlet reported that another shootout occurred on a separate system, where an ICE contractor is located.

“All the recordings that we have found, are on the floors where ICE had said office,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Chris Combs. “This is not a question of a very targeted attack. It is not a secret facility, you can go online, they [the address] out there. So she did some research, she knew what floors the ICE was, you knew what buildings they were and they met them.”

U.S. citizenship and Immigration services, Deputy Director, Ken Cuccinelli tweeted pictures of the bullet holes.

The incidents of the recent escalation in anti-ICE-mood shifted from tender to the abolition of the Agency and claims that it is “caging children” to threats and violence within a year.

Last month a man was killed, the Washington state authorities, when he threw incendiary devices, both an immigration center and in the vicinity of propane tanks. In Colorado, protesters demonstrate outside an ICE facility replaced the American flag with the Mexican flag. Also last month, protesters an ICE building in Washington, DC were arrested, to storm after trying to

Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan said on “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday that people need to tone demonized to below “dangerous” rhetoric, ICE officials.


“The environment where we demonize our law enforcement agencies for their work and the enforcement of the law on the books is concerned,” he said. “It can be dangerous, and it is an action, not based on facts, do not as a reaction to something inappropriate, that the men and women of the ICE can in people, and we have the sound down.”

In an op-ed for the Fox News Wednesday, former ICE Director Thomas Homann said that he had to do with the death threats he received in the Agency responsible, and had to round-the-clock armed protection for weeks.

He also noted the increasingly heated rhetoric from elected Democrats and the President of the hopefuls on the work on the ICE.


“In addition to the threat of violence, we see elected officials at the local, state and national level, the Border Patrol, ICE, and someone, call our immigration law, Nazis, racists and obscene name to force,” he wrote.

He also asked where the outrage was from Democrats, who have recently partially the fault of President trump, for the creation of anti-immigrant sentiment, encouraged the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.

“The bottom line is this: hatred is hatred, terrorism is terrorism, and murder is murder. Politicians condemn the attacks on themselves and the institutions and policies that support it, an obligation to condemn such attacks on their opponents just as strong.”

Fox News Louis Casiano contributed to this report.

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