Ice cream, ice cream, or a rocket, What is the healthiest choice?

The summer has officially begun, and that means that a lot of people who want to get an ice cream cone. The rockets, Magnums, softijsjes, ice cream sandwich: what you need to know when you are in a ‘healthy’ choice, wishes to create? looking for it to find out.

The occasional ice-cream won’t hurt anything, it can even fit into a healthy diet. “There is a difference in what kind you choose, is the one that contains more calories, sugar, or fat than others,” says Jasper de Vries from the netherlands Nutrition centre.

The less calories to get the best option for a water ice or ice cream. A waterijsje contains about 40 calories, while some contain more (see below). A serving of ice cream contains 40 calories.

“In general, are a ice-cream or water-based might be a better choice than ice cream on a melkbasis”
Jasper de Vries, netherlands Nutrition centre

Those who yoghurtijs choose, it comes up a lot in the calorie count: a serving has 70 pieces. Followed by ice cream and ice cream with 100 calories. “The ice cream contains relatively high in saturated fat and sugar,” says smith.

How many calories are there in which the ice-cream cone?

  • A rocket is just 40 calories
  • Scoop (50 gr) ice cream: 40 calories
  • Festini-perenijsje: 50 calories
  • Split: 85 calories
  • Ball yoghurtijs: 70 calories
  • Calippo cola: 90 calories
  • Solero: 98 calories
  • Scoop of ice cream: 100 calories
  • Twister: 103 kcal
  • Mars Ice Cream: 140 calories
  • Toef ice cream (75 grams): 154 calories
  • Cornetto Classic: 233 calories
  • Cherry-Almond: 272 calories

A scoop of ice-cream and sit down about 100 calories. (Image: 123RF)

The saturated fat found in ice cream

Calories are not the only thing you have to look out for. According to De Vries, “Especially with milk based ice cream, it’s good to pay attention to the amount of saturated fat. Generally, ice-creams, water-based (sorbet, and water ice) are a better choice than ice cream on a melkbasis.”

“It’s good to know that yoghurtijs less saturated fat than a roomijsje, but at the same time, it is very high in sugar. Yoghurtijs it sounds, therefore, may be healthier in the ears, that is.”

De Vries gives you some tips to reduce the calories in their diet. Choose one scoop instead of two, and ordered no horn, but a dragon.” A cone which contains, depending on its weight, from 45 to 75 calories. A ijsbekertje contains about 9 calories, and one cup of course, nothing at all.

In addition, tips in the food centre to have free ice cream to keep it healthy. Take a yoghurtijsje, or an ice-cream, pure fruit.”

What is the composition of ice cream, exactly, and how much fat and sugar are in it? For a good overview.

1. Ice cream

  • Ice cream sandwich is a mixture of milk, egg yolks, heavy cream, and sugar.
  • The ice cream contains per scoop 11 grams of sugar (almost three sugar cubes and a 3.4 grams of saturated fat.

2. Ice cream

  • Ice cream has the same composition as ice cream. Ice cream sandwich is a long time in the freezer, so it’s hard, but soft ice cream, at a temperature of about 5 degrees, so that the liquid mixture remains.
  • Ice cream contains toef 16 grams of sugar in four sugar and 5 grams of saturated fat.

3. Ice cream

  • Ice cream is made from water, sugar and fruit puree/fruit juice and/or vruchtenaroma. Sometimes there is a little bit of milk or cream is added to a smeuïgere structure.
  • A sorbetijsje on ball of 50 gram of 9 to 10 grams of sugar (a little more than two sugar and no saturated fat.

4. Water ice

  • A waterijsje it contains the same ingredients as ice cream, and this is also the same amount of calories as ice cream.
  • A waterijsje contain 9 to 10 grams of sugar (a little more than two sugar and no saturated fat.

5. Yoghurtijs

  • Yoghurrijs it is made from yoghurt, sugar and fruit puree/fruit juice and/or vruchtenaroma. There is less saturated fat in yoghurtijs in the ice cream, but there is still a large amount of sugar.
  • A small ball of yoghurtijs has about 12 grams of sugar, three sugar and 1.8 grams of saturated fat.

One cone adds up the extra calories in the ice cream. (Photo: AFP)

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