Ian Somerhalder says that he was rejected for a shopping basket of ‘normal and healthy’ food

Ian Somerhalder said that he was disapproved for his fruit-filled shopping basket.
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Ian Somerhalder launched into a long rant on social media Wednesday after he said a customer came to him for having a shopping basket filled with “normal” food.

“The Vampire Diaries” actor wrote on Instagram that a woman stopped him to say that they have never had a basket as Somerhalder is at a grocery store. Somerhalder posted a photo of his cart, which a variety of vegetables.

“I hope I don’t come off as a a—… A woman stopped me in the supermarket and told me that she had never seen a basket like mine. I told her that I have never NOT seen this kind of basket in my grocery-shopping behavior,” Somerhalder captioned the post.

He added that other people also reflected the woman the note, and said Somerhalder of the basket was a strange sight.”

“A strange sight? I am in a supermarket. The is food. It got me thinking and really fired up…I hear in the news constantly, in the legislative bodies debating and public complaining right b—-ing about the cost of health care, pharmaceutical companies and doctors, and an increase of the costs in our society, our lives and our economy,” the actor wrote. “I know that our system isn’t great.But still, the public poisons itself every day with bad food choices.”

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Somerhalder said the society must practice a healthier lifestyle in order to see changes in the country’s healthcare system.

“I don’t mean to sound like a d–k or preachy but this is nonsense: how is it that grown professional people in a large city in the u.s. to have never had a shopping basket of a normal and healthy foods that just happen to be green or not be processed,” he added.

The actor recalled his mother raising him “without money and mostly as a single parent” but still practiced a healthy lifestyle. He urged the others to stop making excuses and start eating well and exercising regularly.

“Happy and healthy a happy and healthy world. It is hard to see that through a fog of prescribed medicines, energy drinks, and strong insomnia. It is difficult I know, but it is time to change,” he said. “…We MUST take responsibility for what we have in our body has now begun. We can do it.Ok.I stop.Thnks.”

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