I think The “You have to nothing to be able to do it”

I think She has learned from the respiratory infection which he was at the end of October was: the singer’s attention even more to what he’s going through, and try to have more moments of peace for himself in his busy schedule.

Wednesday night was the Contest winner for the last time in 2019 at the latest, on a uk stage. In Utrecht, he took for the concert which he, in October, had to cancel their appearance due to the yeast infection. He had a total of three performances will be discarded.

“I thought that was a terrible thing. Throughout the day I have had, lots of people have tried to demand the stage to be able to, but by the time the ent specialist told me that I really couldn’t act, I know that it’s really important to be a good one to listen to. The whole of the Netherlands, was feverish and the fever, he said, but I had the misfortune of being on my vocal cords hit and nothing more,” said the 25-year-old singer is in talks with

A health care team can help The maintenance of a healthy life, so that he shows in november and december in Europe are scheduled to begin, be sure to be able to go. “As a chiropractor, does my entire body crack, and as a vocal coach train my voice. I’m in a very quick period of time, of course, get very much to perform. That is very cool, but too heavy for my body.”

Everything is so unique and I find it all so fun

“I will always carry on, because I am so special and so much fun and are so grateful. But the fact is, of course, that’s not good at all, you just need to and won’t be able to do it,” said the singer.

For the time being, there is no time for the after The his tour closes, he will go to Milan for a show. After that, the lead singer, who, in October, will also have a new song called ” Love Don’t Hate It, it was in a month’s time, sixteen times, at venues in England, Norway, Denmark, france, and Spain.

“I’m also really looking forward to it. We have already been to Paris and all the French people with my songs and told to sing it is so special. With the band at some point we will all have to be in a bus sitting down, and around. It’s that time again for a new adventure.”

By year’s end, he finished in the Netherlands. After the 15th of december, his tour diaries are blank, until march 2020.

“I have to rest, then. I’m going to myself just to be close to a bank, sit down, and just netflixen. As in, nothing in the world to throw, but the only things that include, movies, series, stories, friends, and family. This is superbizarre and a great year, even for a moment.”

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