“I saw a big pile of blood”: Students describe Florida high school shooting



Students describe the scene in the Park, Florida high school

Multiple deaths reported after the 18-year-old student opens fire in marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

One student saw the “dead bodies everywhere.” Another student saw “a big pile of blood, smeared as they were dragged away.”

Students and teachers at marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in parkland, Fla., have described scenes of terror and chaos after a former student opened fire Wednesday afternoon, causing multiple deaths and injuries.

Noah Dennis, a 17-year-old junior, told The Associated Press the fire alarm went off for the second time of the day at approximately 2:30 p.m. he said that he and the other students quietly went outside to their fire drill areas, when he suddenly heard a number of pops.

“Everybody was really just there quietly, and then we saw a lot of teachers and ran down the stairs, and then everyone shifted and broke into a sprint,” Dennis said. “I jumped a fence.”

Another male student told WSVN that having two fire drills in one day was “weird.”

“So and now but go out in the field, as we should, and then I hear gunshots,” he told the station. “And you could see that [they were gunshots].”

A student described the shooter, identified by the AP as Nicholas Cruz, as a “difficult boy” who had “always had a certain amount of problems to the hand.”

He shot rifles, because he felt it gave him … an exhilarating feeling,” he told WSVN. “I sent a clear of him most of the time … I didn’t want to cause a conflict with him because of the impression he gave.”

Students and teachers were forced to take shelter in their classroom for the hours after the pictures went out. A female student described what they saw as the police escorted her out.

“The police came through the corridor to us and in the hallway, I saw a large pile of blood, as a kind of smeared as they were dragged, and I saw two girls probably die in the hallway,” she told WSVN. “And then, down the stairs, there was some more blood and outside the building there was another boy – I think it was a teacher – that was, [I’m] pretty sure was dead.”

Another female student said that the shots were fired “right out of my [classroom] door.”

“My teacher won’t even let us off, even when the fire alarm went off, which was lucky because we had really hurt you,” she told WSVN. “There was just a lot of blood everywhere and there was bodies everywhere … I think there are four of them.

“I remember my friend crying behind me and I kept trying to get her to say, ‘well, we go.’ Luckily, we have to come out, but it was a little scary and I didn’t want to look at something.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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