“I have been living in constant fear, Bulgaria, of data breach victims say

SOFIA (Reuters) – Mariana Krasteva, a 55-year-old engineer, is one of the more than four million Bulgars, from whom the personal data were stolen from his house in the country with the largest cyber breach, to the left of her, fearful of what the scammers do with the information.

Prosecutors have charged the owner of a cybersecurity firm, and two of its employees with, the cyber-terrorism, the hacking into the country’s tax and customs administration, and the theft of personal and financial data on nearly every working adult.

The three men have denied wrongdoing.

The breach was made on the 15th of July, after an e-mail with a link to the leaked data are to be sent to the local media, calling on the country’s cyber security is “a joke”.

The cause of the leak is deeply unsettled many in the Balkan country of about 7 million, is one of the world’s poorest and most corrupt member state of the European Union.

“What if a person claimed to be in the possession of my apartment? I’m going to have to live in constant fear of what might happen,” Krasteva said.

Officials have apologized to Bulgaria on the violation, but also stressed that the government should invest more in software and pay more for the protection of the public domain.

“Bulgaria to spend too little on cybersecurity – we spend about 5 million levs ($2.85 million) per year, which is nothing,” deputy prime Minister Tomislav Donchev has said.

The tax office has been telling citizens that there was no immediate risk of fraud, and it has a search engine where people can find out if their data had been compromised, but it doesn’t say what it is exactly, though.

The tax office said that the leaked data has been fragmented and is not sufficient to find any frauds. It has told banks to be extra vigilant and called on the people not to make their ID cards.

Krasteva, however, she feels the need to have the new documents in order to prevent any misuse or fraud. “What this means is that spending a lot of time and money,” she says.

Writing by Tsvetelia Tsolova, Editing by Alexandra Hudson

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