I had, after about four months of negotiations for a new government

The Flemish nationalist party N-VA, the christian democrats of CD&V and the liberal Open-VLD, the Monday, to agree on the formation of a new Flemish government under the leadership of Jan Jambon (N-VA). It is 127 days, and after the general elections in Belgium, an agreement has been reached.

“We have an agreement. A strong package of measures to create a strong Flanders in belgium. Thank you to all three parties,” said Ham Monday morning, on Twitter, after a recent meeting of the 21 hours.

“We have set high standards in all areas of society, but in such a way that everyone can take part. Idea is that anyone can advance,” said the future prime minister in a press conference. Ham also said that the Nordic countries and the Netherlands, as an example, and England “is an undisputed reference in the european union.

In addition, the new Flemish prime minister on the new policy. If the government wants more people to work, to go to the net pay for the lower-income families move up and there will be a mandatory service to the community, and, after two years of unemployment.

“We will not fail to notice that on the 26th of may, the day of the Belgian elections, ed.). something has happened,” said Ham. He was referring to the discontent of the “diverse society”. The government is, therefore, the implementation of reform. Also, a change in the rights of asylum-seekers.

On the right-the radical Vlaams belang is out of the coalition

The party and the future prime minister Ham was the largest in the last election, and gave to 25 of the 150 seats. The big winner was the right-wing radical party Vlaams belang, which is from three to eighteen, the seats started to grow.

The negotiations for a new coalition which lasted more than four months, due to the role of the Vlaams belang. It turned out that there was no co-operation with the parties as is possible.

The federal government seems to be still a long way off, because there are major differences between the two areas. During the elections, they voted in Wallonia, on the left, and the socialist PS, the winner of the. The Wallonian prime minister, Elio Di Rupo leads a coalition with the liberal MR and the green party, Ecolo.

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