Hyperloop capsule of Tesla is 355 kilometers per hour during test-drive

Hyperloop capsule of Tesla is 355 kilometers per hour during test-drive

A Hyperloop capsule of Tesla has during a test drive the recordsnelheid of 355 kilometers per hour achieved.

That leaves Tesla-ceo Elon Musk know on Instagram. The Hyperloop is a vehicle that has been thought up by Musk, which capsules at breakneck speed through an evacuated tube travel. Musk thinks that the top speed ultimately over the 1,000 kilometers per hour. This would the Hyperloop to be an attractive alternative for the aircraft can be.

It is a so-called duwcapsule, which is used to testcapsules going to come. The capsule, designed by SpaceX and Tesla, was used during a Hyperloop-competition for students. Later it was decided the companies to see how fast the vehicle can go.

Musk goes on to say that it is possible that the capsule next month may be a speed of 500 kilometers per hour can achieve. Here are a number of small adjustments are needed.


The second Hyperloop competition, SpaceX was earlier this week held among students from all over the world. The German team WARR, from the Technical University of Munich, won the competition. Their capsule knew in a tube at a speed of 323 kilometres per hour to achieve.

The first Hyperloop competition from SpaceX took in January place. When did a team of the TU Delft in the first place. The second race was no English team present.

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