Husband of Amanda Bar is no longer in pre-trial detention

Stavros T., husband of Amanda Beam, is no longer in pre-trial detention. This has a spokesman of the court in the Hague confirmed to RTL Boulevard.

The 44-year-old husband of the Bar was in september 2018 arrested on suspicion of involvement in the growing of large quantities of hemp in three different homes in Wassenaar.

In January this year, T. a partial confession about his involvement in the hennepplantages that were found in homes that were rented on his name. Pending his trial he would no longer be stuck.

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“We can confirm that on may 3, 2019 is decided to the pre-trial detention of the defendant to be suspended under the condition that he adheres to the obligation to report to the Probation and that he was under electronic surveillance comes in”, says a spokesperson.

Also Bar, which in January announced plans to want to separate it from T. since april, a suspect in the case due to money laundering. She had through her lawyer to know is innocent to consider.

Lawyer of Stravos T. Michel van Stratum is expected at the moment no substantive handling of the case. “This is going to be expected to take some time. There are witnesses and other suspects, to be heard.”

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