Hurricane Irma was pounding in on Florida, weakens to category three

Hurricane Irma was pounding in on Florida, weakens to category three

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Hurricane Irma has something lost little of their power, while the storm Sunday afternoon (local time) inbeukte on the south of the U.s. state of Florida. Up to now, Irma certainly three deaths in Florida. 1.8 million households and businesses were without power.

The National Hurricane Center reports that Irma now of category four on the scale of Saffir-Simpson is toned down to a storm of the third category, with wind speeds up to approximately 195 kilometers per hour.

The hurricane races Sunday night on Naples, a city on the west coast of Florida. It is expected that the place around 23: 00 (Dutch time) can be achieved. Now applies to the largest part of the state a tornado alarm. In the northern area, many people Georgia, where Irma on is headed, the state of emergency was declared.

According to a representative of the federal agency for disaster response, FEMA is the route of Irma, the only conceivable scenario for the Florida Keys, Monroe County, and the west coast of Florida.


Livestream: Hurricane Irma reached the Florida Keys


Road accidents due to bad weather in Florida already have at least three people killed, reports news channel ABC. Thus perished in Monroe County to a man when he has the power over the wheel of his truck and lost.

In the center of Miami and about 160 kilometres from the centre of the storm, snapped a bouwkraan by the fierce wind. Tall buildings waving back and forth. The storm surge that Irma brings with it allows for flooded streets. In advance was made by the authorities warned of waves up to 4.6 metres in height on the west coast of the state.

Hurricane Irma in Florida

The hurricane Irma has the American state of Florida is reached.

Irma is a hurricane of the fourth category and has wind speeds up to 210 kilometers per hour.

Florida must take into account more than 60 inches rainfall.

The National Hurricane Center fears in addition to flooding and mudslides.

More than six million people are called to abandon the region.

People who continue to be advised to take shelter against the storm.

In road accidents due to bad weather in Florida, people are killed.

Miami is the arm of a tall crane demolished, as a result of bad weather.

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Before Irma in Florida land, Sunday, at the beginning of the afternoon (Dutch time), were approximately 6.5 million people evacuated from the southern part of the state.

The largest energy company of the state, Florida Power and Light, estimated that 3.4 million customers without electricity may come to sit as a result of Irma. Spokesman Chris McGrath

At its peak it was Irma, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever observed in the Atlantic Ocean. The storm pulled a trail of destruction through the Caribbean and took there to sure 28 people’s lives.


Uprooted trees and flooding, and by approaching hurricane in Florida

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