Hurricane Irma reached Florida

Hurricane Irma reached Florida

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

The hurricane Irma has Sunday afternoon around ten on one (Dutch time) and the archipelago, the Florida Keys achieved. This reports to the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

The eye of the storm is located above Key West, the extreme south-western point of the archipelago to the mainland of the state of Florida.

Now applies to Miami Beach also has a tornado alarm, as it was announced on CNN. Already nearly four hundred thousand households would be without power to sit.

Florida has been days and bracing for Irma. The hurricane has one of the largest evacuatieoperaties in the history of the United States brought about. More than six million people are called to abandon the region.


Livestream: Hurricane Irma reached the Florida Keys

After Irma previously for at least 22 deaths and heavy destruction caused in the Windward Islands and of Cuba is the expectation now that the west coast of Florida hit will be, including the great city of Tampa.

These days has Irma, who previously as a hurricane of the worst category of Sint Maarten very heavily struck, again the fourth category is reached with wind speeds up to 210 kilometers per hour.

Between Fort Myers and Tampa to the remaining residents, according to the meteorologists prepare for tidal waves of 4.5 metres high.

Florida is waiting Irma off

Hurricane Irma is 175 km away from Key West in Florida, but the American state observes the consequences of the hurricane which, according to predictions grow from strength to strength.
© Hollandse Hoogte

Governor Rick Scott, reports that more than 170,000 people without power to sit in Florida, where the wind in the south, meanwhile, increases. He recommends people to use their mobile phones to charge and use only if really needed.
© Hollandse Hoogte

It is according to Scott now too late to drive away from dangerous zones. Moreover, two-thirds of all the petrol stations have no petrol to get reports CNN.

In total, more than six million people called to their house to leave, a quarter of the total population.

The zoo Miami has its animals moved to a special stormvoorziening, reports ABC.

About 70,000 people are hiding in the nearly four hundred shelters, which the state has opened up. Also with the authorities in free bus transport to those centres.

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The National Weather Service in the southern Key West let to the inhabitants of Florida should be no doubt about the impact that this storm may have: “Take action now to get your life to protect. This is an extremely dangerous and life threatening situation”.

The National Hurricane Center fears in addition to flooding and mudslides. Florida must take into account more than 60 inches rainfall.

Some two thousand flights have been delayed. Last night thousands of all their taken refuge in shelters while awaiting the arrival of the hurricane.


Uprooted trees and flooding, and by approaching hurricane in Florida

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