Hurricane Irma is right on Sint Maarten off

Hurricane Irma is right on Sint Maarten off

The heavy hurricane Irma is right on Sint Maarten. “It increasingly seems that hurricane Irma right about Sint-Maarten is going to pull”.

On the island are wind speeds of 280 kilometres per hour are expected, reports Weerplaza. What exactly on the island is going to happen is, however, difficult to predict, due to the hurricane, there is no form of communication possible, allowing exact data are not visible.

Also the meteorological office reports that the hurricane in the direction of the Caribbean island. According to a spokesperson it makes up for the severity of the hurricane is not a lot of difference whether the hurricane right about Sint-Maarten around you or within a few kilometers passes.

With wind speeds up to almost 300 kilometers per hour is Irma, according to the KNMI “the strongest hurricane ever in the open Atlantic ocean.” Gusts may be even stronger than that. Saba and Sint-Eustatius are located farther to the south and will be less hard hit than St. martin, the meteorological office. “We expect wind speeds of around 130 kilometres per hour,” says the spokeswoman.

According to the KNMI is Irma between 13.00 and 14.00 pm Dutch time at St. Maarten. One half of the island is a separate country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The other half belongs to France. Saba and Sint-Eustatius are special Dutch municipalities.

Heaviest category

The hurricane won last days on the force and knew Tuesday, the worst category on the scale of Saffir-Simpson to achieve. There are wind speeds measured 295 kilometers per hour, reports the U.s. National Hurricane Center (NHC). The authorities of Antigua and Barbuda have residents urged shelters to search.

According to the KNMI addition to the hard wind, the rain and floods “very threatening” for the islands. The meteorological department says that rainfall can cause mudslides and landslides. In addition, problems may arise due to floods since most settlements are located on the south side of the islands, exactly the side where the wind is coming from.

Streets white

There are nearly a hundred soldiers to Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba sent. The soldiers come from Aruba and Curaçao. In Philipsburg on Sint Maarten, the streets all flooded by the rain that preceded the hurricane. The wind blows hard on the island. The population is massive inside and wait. The authorities have allowed on the street. On Sint Maarten are eleven bunkers prepared.

The islanders have prepared themselves to the hard wind. Frames are vastgetimmerd and gardens tidy in order to prevent waste air in flight. Also save many water, food and batteries for the much-needed things in the house.

Fishermen have their boats on the side taken, flights are cancelled, operations in the hospitals is deferred and also the newspapers to close their doors. Also schools and public services are closed.


This is the possible route that hurricane Irma is put


After about the Dutch islands are drawn in the hurricane path, continue in the direction of Puerto Rico. There are 456 opvangplekken prepared which in total can seat up to about 62,000 people.

At the weekend, will Irma probably also for the problems that are going to create in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. Also the Us state of Florida has a chance to be bothered by the hurricane, but the exact path of the storm is not yet predict.

The authorities in the Bahamas have ordered the residents of six southern islands to evacuate.

Caribbean are bracing themselves for hurricane Irma

Irma passes as expected Wednesday, the Windward islands, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba prepare for the hurricane.

Irma has become a hurricane of the fourth category.

The NHC expects the storm to the Us east coast Saturday, but it is still too early to see the exact path and the impact of the storm in the U.S. will have to predict.

Also, in the U.s. state of Florida prepare people in advance for the hurricane.

People buy the wood for their houses to protect.

Bags and tape buildings should protect against water and wind.

People in St. Maarten to buy bottles of water.

A resident of St. Maarten is making the windows of his house shut.

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