‘Hurricane Irma is going to Florida full affect

‘Hurricane Irma is going to Florida full affect

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While the size of the damage that Irma has been done on Sint Maarten, is suing the category 5 hurricane her way through the Caribbean. According to the latest forecasts, Irma right on Florida.

Irma is considered to be one of the worst storms this century, over the Atlantic Ocean were formed, and there seems little to force to pay. Wind speeds of up to 280 kilometres per hour are still observed.

The wind dropped Thursday somewhat, when Irma along the north coast of the Dominican Republic schampte, but it remains, according to the U.s. National Hurricane Center a hurricane in the hardest category 5.

According to predictions Irma Sunday in the U.s. state of Florida, although the hurricane probably are weakened to the, still heavy, category 4.

“There is a quantity of wind, which I think we have not seen”, was president of Donald Trump Thursday to know. “We want the people in Florida are well protect and be very careful. Trump holds himself to the golf resort, Mar-a-Lago, on the coast is located in Palm Beach.


Officers in Florida have started evacuations and tourists have entrusted to the Florida Keys-islands to leave. Meanwhile, there brandstoftekorten in the state. The governor of a coastal state, Georgia has mandatory evacuations ordered in coastal areas.


Helicopter filming the damage in Sint Maarten after hurricane Irma

For Irma in Florida comes, is also Cuba grazed. All the tourists are evacuated from resorts on the north side of the island. Canada has even decided to all Canadians who holiday in Cuba to evacuate.

In the wake of Irma follows Hurricane Jose, which Thursday became category 3. This storm appears to be a slightly more northern route than Irma, which, for example, Sint Maarten indemnified seems to stay very hard wind. Jose can ultimately pose a threat to the American mainland.

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