Hurricane Florence eyelashes Carolina, residents share first, shocking videos of the storm’s fury



Water above the ground floor of the house in NC

Water above the ground floor of the house in Belhaven, North Carolina as Hurricane Florence hits the stands.

The first images of the inside of the Hurricane Florence attack on North Carolina came Friday morning, as the residents closest to the chaos posted beautiful videos of huge rivers where the highways were, and the waters of the flood rising up the sides of the houses.

If driving in the rain and the pounding wind reached the country Friday, a few of the locals who decided to ride out the storm reached for their cameras to capture Florence’s fury first-hand perspective.

Although different municipalities along the coast, had mandatory evacuation orders, many people chose to stay behind, leaving them in an excellent position to shoot and post videos of the terrifying attack.

Twitter user Natasha Patterson shared video of the flooding in New Bern, North Carolina on social media.

“Yes, it’s deep out there,” a man says in the video. “I’m not sure that the driving down there, but it is big. That could do destruction.”

New Bern, NC flooding as of 7am this morning. Middle Street & Sky Sail Blvd. Video of Jay Schreiber #HurricaneFlorerence #newbern #hurricane #flood #stormsurge

— Natasha Patterson (@tatonka00) September 14, 2018

The New Bern Police and other residents shared photos online of the floods.

This photo by Angie Propst, shows a boat in the trees during the Hurricane Florence in the Oriental, North Carolina.

(Angie Propst via AP)

Update: Photos of the flooding in the city centre, while looking for citizens who need help. @CityofNewBern #HurricaneFlorence2018

— New Bern PD (@NewBernPD) September 14, 2018


A few photos from early this morning this is close to Wrightsville Beach, and I have some family in New Bern. Everyone stay safe.. It is Windy and it is on its way to my direction.??Hurricane #Florence has made landfall as a Category 1 storm in the vicinity of Wrightsville Beach,

— leeann0252 (@leeann0252) September 14, 2018

The WCTI-TV newsroom in New Bern was forced to evacuate as the studio flooded. Meteorologist Ashley Pratt shared photos of the station, to Twitter.

Photos of our drive on WCTI. @Ginger_Zee @kevinselle @spann @KOCOShelby @NWSMoreheadCity @wxbrad @wcti12

— Ashley Pratt WCTI (@AshleyPratt_Wx) September 14, 2018

In Jacksonville, North Carolina, pieces of a truck flew by the windows of the Hilton Garden Inn, Fox News’ Emilie Ikeda reported. Onslow County employees and National guardsmen are staying at the hotel.

A piece from a truck flew through the windows of the Hilton Garden Inn in Onslow County, North Carolina.

(Fox News/Emilie Ikeda)

The members of the National Guard are to stay in the hotel in Jackson, North Carolina, where a piece from a truck flew by the windows.

(Fox News/Emilie Ikeda)

Artist Sarah Löffler Misch shared several videos of the rising water in Avon, North Carolina – a part of the Outer Banks.

Ethan Hall, right, Michael Jenkins, in the middle, and Nash Fralick, left, examine damage to Tidewater Brewing Co. in Wilmington, N. C., after Hurricane Florence made landfall.

(AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

Also in Avon, photographer Jason Cole recorded video of a powerful storm surge overtaking sand dunes.

A woman tweeted a video made by her neighbor, Amy Johnson, the show of flooding in Belhaven, North Carolina, that reach to the windows of a house. The flooding was caused by overflow from the Pungo River, which she wrote.

WeatherNation also shared a video of the massive flooding in New Bern.

Dramatic scenes from #NewBern #NC as the water flows by means of #HurricaneFlorence

— WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) September 14, 2018

David Rankin shared a photo of the Cajun Navy to help rescue people from the flooding in New Bern.

Kajun Marine store people this morning in New Bern, NC from the rising waters of the hurricane #florence

— David Rankin (@Rankinstudio) September 14, 2018

Storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski posted pictures of downed trees in Wrightsville Beach and a fallen gas station awning in Wilmington.

Was in the eye of the wall rest Wrightsville Beach North of the Bridge. Had calm winds for about 15 min. Now back ONE flurry of 40-70 km / h a lot of trees down across the city, the power is out. @NWSWilmingtonNC #ncwx

— Jeff Piotrowski (@Jeff_Piotrowski) September 14, 2018

Damage in Wilmington now.#ncwx @NWSWilmingtonNC

— Jeff Piotrowski (@Jeff_Piotrowski) September 14, 2018

Sandie Orsa is to wait until Hurricane Florence in a hotel in Wilmington. She told The Associated Press, the power went out when the storm hit.

“Very eerie, the wind howling, and the rain is blowing sideways, debris flying,” Orsa said.

Floods that were caused by Hurricane Florence covers blocks of Front Street in the city of New Bern, North Carolina.

(AP Photo/Chris Seward)

In Rodanthe, North Carolina, Rebecca Wells Hooper shared video and pictures of the rough waves and debris crashing into a pier.

Another Twitter user posted shared video footage of a devastating Neuse River in North Carolina.

12′-18′ in new bern on the Nuese river the southern side

— FowlerMarsh (@Fowlermarsh1) September 13, 2018

With maximum sustained winds of 90 mph, the National Hurricane Center said Florence was the production of the hurricane-force winds that extended outward up to 80 miles from the storm center.

As the storm deepens and lingers – Florence is increased potential for the production of tornadoes, floods, mudslides and a disastrous storm surge.

In New Bern, about 150 people waited to be rescued from the flood on the Neuse River, local officials said. The city said two Federal Emergency Management Agency teams were at work on the swift-water rescues, and more were on the way.

Fox News’ Emilie Ikeda and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. Follow her on Twitter: @K_Schallhorn.

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