Hurd will be in retirement, could be an omen for GOP

in the vicinityVideoRep. Will Hurd announces that he will seek re-election

Texas Congressman Will Hurd, the only black Republican in the house, is to announce the eighth house Republicans to abandon plans to Congress rather than run again in 2020.

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On the roster: Will Hurd in retirement, could be an omen for the GOP, Warren continues to hug you, ‘Medicare for All’ – US-job-growth remains stable in the July – trump pulls out of the Reagan-era arms Treaty – Om nom nom nom

Atlantic: “It is bad enough for the house Republicans, the eight of its members have already decided to call it quits after next year, that six have announced their retirement in the last two weeks alone, and that the escape of the Congress will include two of the party, the 13 women, the legislators, the head of the candidate recruitment, and the GOP’s sole African American representative in the house, Will Hurd of Texas. What matters even worse for the party diminished, however, is that this modest wave of resignations may be only a harbinger of a larger exodus to. … No pension, stood out more than the Hurd, a former CIA officer, who shocked the party last night, when he announced he would not seek re-election in 2020 and would chances instead of ‘to keep track of outside the halls of Congress, in order to solve problems at the interface between technology and national security.’ Hurd made no mention of the trumpet, nor the President of the recent flood of racist tweets, but he noted that he district is the only African American member of the Republican conference and represents a limit, 71 percent of the Latino.”

Starting with his County – appeal: “It doesn’t take long for the National Republican Campaign Committee Chairman Tom Emmer to weigh, with the argument that the district favors the Republicans, and the party will ‘fight tooth and nail’ to keep. But the basics of this district tell a different story. Hurd won re-election by less than 1,000 votes in the 2018 and approximately 3,000 in the year 2016. And as an Insider-elections contribution to Ryan Matsumoto pointed out, Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’rourke carried the 23rd district in its 2018 loss to Sen. Ted Cruz. The demographics of the district for Democrats. Less than a quarter of the district is non-Hispanic white, and 40 percent of non-Hispanic white population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. And while it is possible that a democratic primary heats up now that the seat is open, Democrats are ready to work with Gina Ortiz Jones, the almost ousted Hurd last year and has already raised $588,000 to June, for what, until tonight, seemed to be a rematch deny.”

Where does leave the house Dems? – The Atlantic: “After the last Democrats regain the House majority in 2006, more than 20 GOP lawmakers retired outright, rather than to the re-election in 2008 to help Democrats expand their majority in the presidential election year. A similar scenario could occur in the next year. … Democrats to have their share of retirements. A couple of members—representative Jose Serrano of New York, and Dave Loebsack of Iowa—have already announced their intentions not to, another term. And the party’s campaign arm has its own turmoil: A group of top employees in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee met on Monday after lawmakers criticized the organization’s lack of diversity in the setting. But the Democrats are ” staffing fight pales in comparison to the GOP’s lack of diverse candidates and officeholders. And for the second time in a row, the choice of a number of important departures is likely to be at a disadvantage to leave Republicans in elections.”

“It is based on axioms as simple as they are universal, I.e., should be such to the END; the persons, from whose Agency the attainment of no END, should possess the MEANS by which it is to be achieved.” – Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 23

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Trump job performance
Average Approval
: 43.8 Percent
The average of the rejection: 52.2 percent
Net Score: -8.4 Points
Change from a week ago: down 2.2 points
[Average, includes: Quinnipiac University: 40% approve, reject – 54%; Fox News: 46% approve, reject – 51%; NPR/PBS/Marist: 44% approve – 53% disapprove; ABC News/WSJ: 45% approve – 52% lean; Gallup: approve 44% – 51% oppose it.]

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Politico: “Elizabeth Warren offers a plan for everything, but there is one glaring omission: healthcare. Warren, who has recently made a leap into the top League of a crowded primary field, as they rolled, the detailed guidelines for the seemingly has everything … instead embraced ‘Medicare for All’ legislation by sen Bernie Sanders, your line progressive rivals. … Democratic advocates and political strategists suggested that there is something up to Warren with your own plan, as you and Sanders … chase a similar set of progressive voters. By a comparison with Sanders, you can fight for a progressive priority without boxes with a prescribed plan, which is probably not very different from the one he’s written. But you say that Warren will need to be a balance of how the field of candidates winnows attractive for progressives of matching single-payer health-during the presentation have a clear enough alternative to Sanders.”

Big lab warns Dems not to take the union of the workers of course – Fox News: “Big laboratory warned Democratic presidential contender Wednesday against the union support is granted, adding that the Dems must be honest about the party’s record on workers’ rights, reports said. The President of the AFL-CIO trade Union, the equivalent of 12.5 million Union members, addressed a closed-door meeting with representatives from each campaign visit before the second round of debate on Wednesday in Detroit. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka argued that ‘both parties’ needs, to responsibility for the U.S. labor laws, the profit for the companies, at the expense of the middle class. … The AFL was not the first time-CIO has Democrats criticized this year. … As the democratic party moves in the direction of a progressive identity, Trumka reminded the 2020 candidates, the unions would not support a candidate solely because of their party affiliation.”

Michelle Obama pushes presidential run rumors – Fox News: “Former first lady Michelle Obama is wearing calls for her to run for President, saying there is ‘zero chance’ that they will seek the Oval Office. In a new interview published in the Amtrak magazine for National, Obama sat down with the 12-year-old journalist Hilde Lysiak , the promotion of their Better Make way, the campaign is aimed at engaging college students. Lysiak pressed trying Obama, the highest office in the land, something you said earlier, no interest. … ‘Just between us and the readers of this magazine — there is no chance,’ Obama responded. ‘There are so many ways to improve this country and build a better world, and I think a lot of them to help of working with young people, families lead healthier lives. But sitting behind the Desk in the Oval Office will never be one of them. It is not easy for me.'”

Fox Business: “U.S. employers added 164,000 jobs in July, right in line with Wall Street expectations, a fairly un-remarkable number, but evidence that the record-long economic expansion continues to chug along at a healthy pace. The unemployment rate remained stable at 3.7 percent, in the vicinity of a 50-year low, while the employment rate was little unchanged at 63 percent. Average hourly wages, meanwhile, rose 8 cents to $27.98. In the course of the year, average hourly wages increased by 3.2 percent, easily beating expectations of a 3.1 percent growth, but to continue to disappoint. For an economy with historically low unemployment, wage growth continues to fall short of expectations. It is not a new development for the US economy, however: Since 1979, productivity has increased six times faster than hourly compensation for the typical US worker.”

Dow turns profit to loss, after China’s tariffs announcement – Fox Business: “U.S. stock surrendered big gains Thursday is difficult, after President Trump tweeted that the additional duties would be slapped on Chinese goods. The sale looks to continue on Friday morning, as equity futures point to further declines. Dow Industrial futures are 0.2 percent lower, the S&P 500 futures slipping 0.3 percent and the Nasdaq futures are off 0.6 percent. The Dow Jones Industrial Average had 311 points, before you what is the meaning of the tweet-that within minutes, the fare-news of the blue-chip index had plunged from a peak to a low point of more than 600 points. The market’s gains before the rate news came from optimism that the Federal Reserve would cut interest rates again in September.”

Fox News: “historic arms-control Treaty signed three decades ago between President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was scrapped after President Trump decided to resign on Friday. The move to scrap the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, the view that Russia was in material breach of the contract and made no effort comes under the administration, they will be back in compliance ” with the agreement, a senior White House official said. Russia was a six-month period, in accordance with the terms of a contract as a “last Chance to back to come into compliance” with the agreement, but the government, under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin “has no effort, to do that,’ the official added. At the end of the Treaty, the spark of a new global arms race between the two countries, which is in the possession of the world’s largest nuclear arsenals. The Trump administration, stressed that Russia was the fault which came the contract to an end…”

House Dems hold impeachment push in the life of the home-town city halls – Roll Call

President Trump attacks progressives while Cincinnati rally-Thursday – Politically

US preparing to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan as part of the proposed Taliban deal – Fox News

“You can’t control your brothers. You can’t control your adult son. But you may have some firewalls in your own office.” – Richard, painter, former chief White House ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush era, discussing Joe Biden‘s potential problems with members of” business practices and policy, per Politico.

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Fox News: “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Apparently, a man, dressed in a shirt a Cookie Monster T -, according to police. Someone wear a shirt with the famous blue ‘Sesame Street’ character supposed to be a convenience store in Forest Grove, Oregon, entered., in the middle of the night on the 22. July and ate half a package of cookies, and then left without paying. When the police arrived on the scene, ‘the alleged cookie monster was gone, the officials said in a press release. But investigators said that the next day, the cookie thief, the Forest Grove police attended and confessed that he had ‘really that much of a cookie from the convenience store,’ but said the situation was a misunderstanding. ‘This entry was brought to you by the letters C and T, and the number 3, as in the citation for theft 3,’ police wrote.”

“I’m for a ban? No. But I’m all for a bit of perspective. We tend to think, to prevent the turn-of-the-century temperance movement as a small, blue hair, trying to ladies, that people have a good time on Saturday evening. In fact, the temperance movement was part of a larger progressive movement, efforts to improve the appalling conditions of the urban working class was.” – Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) writes for Time magazine on June 24, 2001.

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