Hunter Biden is questionable, the past and the business may undo father’s bid for the White house

nearvideo hunter Biden breaks the silence over the Ukraine business

President Trump takes it with Hunter Biden; Peter Doocy has the details.

The democratic front-runner, Joe Biden, has survived a series of poor debates, has endured the criticism that he maintain out of touch and gaffe-prone to be a lead in a majority of surveys. But it is the kinky story of his middle child, hunter, threatening to scuttle the former Vice-President of the third bid for the White house.

In Democratic circles, there have been whispers for years that Hunter Biden could be a liability for his father. Questions about the younger Biden in business overseas in the Ukraine and in China as well as its eventful past home-he dated his brother’s widow, cocaine, bought crack, and reportedly have so much money in strip clubs and prostitutes, his family was not paying their bills — has made him Trump an easy target for President.

Trump, who faces a charge request, aggressively went after closest rivals Biden and his family. Some of the allegations that the President has lobbed can be demonstrated. The majority of can.


What is true is that hunter has become a punching bag for the White house, and Trump’s closest allies. The 49-to accept the controversial decision, a high-paying position in a gas company in Ukraine with little to no experience racing in the backdrop of a whistleblower lawsuit against Trump and the redesign of the 2020 presidential is. Trump has repeatedly accused that Hunter Biden, the ethical misconduct and something Trump is benefiting from his famous father’s last name — your own children, have been widely criticized for doing.


Earlier this week, Trump tweeted, “Where Hunter is? He has completely disappeared! Now looks like he has expressed, and cheated even more countries! Media is AWOL.”

The social media hits against the three-piece of a President-in-office have to be intransigent and a bit of the focus of the investigation against Trump shifted in an attack on the Hunter Biden.

On Tuesday, Hunter Biden finally broke his silence, recognition in an ABC interview that his last name is likely to have played a role, you get a lucrative Ukraine, while his father was Vice-President and the Obama administration treated the Ukraine-policy. He pushed back, however, to growing criticism from Republicans and the White house, that he, he held unqualified for the positions on several boards.


Hunter Biden argued that notwithstanding the absence of the Ukraine with natural gas or industrial experience, which he had “as much knowledge as anyone else on the Board, if not more.”

If Hunter Biden, is a member of the Board of the gas company half a decade, its owner, a former Ukrainian minister of the government work to re-create Burisma Holdings ” image, has a Laundry in front of a money investigation. In fact, the region was so widespread is the corruption that we ended of Hunter Biden’s firm partners at the time, the business relationship with Biden. In spite of the warnings of corruption, Hunter Biden, has stayed on and the $50,000 moved in a month, Newsweek reported.

His colleagues at the Burisma included Chairman of the Board Alan Apter, who had almost three decades of experience under his belt, Merrill Lynch, Renaissance Capital, Troika Dialog and Morgan Stanley Devon Archer, who was appointed as a Director of Burisma 2014, co-founder of Rosemont Seneca ners with Biden. He also served as a senior Advisor to John Kerry and co-chair of the National Finance Committee.

2016 flashback: World Food Program USA Board Chairman Hunter Biden and Kathleen Biden, you come at the World Food Program USA’s Annual McGovern-Dole Leadership Award ceremony at the organization of American States in April 12, 2016 in Washington, DC.

There are also concerns about Hunter Biden dealing with BHR (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company. Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani claimed that Biden used his father’s position as Vice-President to secure $ 1.5 billion in loans to the Chinese private equity company, where he was a member of the Board. Currently, there is no credible evidence to support the theory.

Still, at the beginning of this week, Joe Biden promised that no members of his family are involved in the third-party offers, if he were elected to be President.


“Look, my son, the statement speaks for itself,” Biden said, adding that he ever acted incorrectly, based on payments, his son received from several multi-national companies.

While father and son, have all failed denied behavior, Hunter Biden, overseas transactions, and drama in the States had an impact on the Biden bid for the White house.

“I made a mistake? Maybe in the Grand scheme of things. But I’ve made a mistake, based on certain ethical lapse? Absolutely not,” Hunter Biden said in the ABC interview.

The powerful politician, the son of the suffering of the home to have him in the focus of the year. And though he abuse openly about his drug and alcohol, his biography reads like a tabloid story, sometimes to believe almost it.


Hunter Biden received his law degree from Yale Law in 1996. He returned to to help Delaware, his father, he ran for re-election to the Senate. and listen to Biden, Deputy campaign manager. He was also a lawyer with MBNA America, a Bank-holding company in Delaware, which was one of the largest donors to his father’s campaign.

At the age of 43, hunter, after, requested and received an age waiver to join the Navy Reserve, inspired by his friend Greg Keeley, an Australian-American former military officer. Keeley wrote to him a letter of recommendation. The Navy has a zero-tolerance drug-and-alcohol-use-abuse-policy and calls all the recruits about their on-the-substance. Hunter Biden announced that he would have taken drugs in the past, but said he’s sober it was, and got a second waiver from the Navy to join.

In early 2013, Biden, who was sober for a couple of years, suffered a relapse after he prescribed painkillers for shingles. Was his prescription at the end, he started drinking again, The New Yorker reported.

On 7. In may 2013, he was assigned to a Reserve unit at the Naval Station Norfolk. He had hoped to work in the naval intelligence, but got a job in a public affairs unit.

During its first weekend in service, through a DC-bar. He said he bummed a cigarette from two South African men, and that he felt “amped up” at first, but then, exhausted, as he the three-hour journey to Norfolk. On his first day as a naval reservist, he will have a routine urine had to be taken-sample. A few months later he got the news that he had failed the drug test, and that traces of cocaine have been noted, The New Yorker reported. He was officially fired on Feb.18, 2014.

In August 2015, Breitbart, a site that create connects married people who want to reported that Hunter Biden had set up an account on Ashley Madison,. The Website was hacked and a list of subscribers was made public. Biden vehemently opposed the creation of the account, denied and said that the profile that used his E-Mail address belong to him.

“I’m not said for sure that the account in question is from me,” Biden. “This account was clearly by someone else without my knowledge.”

Hunter and Joe Biden (picture in 2016); According to Hunter, his degree was in law from Yale Law in 1996, he returned to help back to Delaware, his father, he ran for re-election to the Senate. and listen to Biden, Deputy campaign manager. Hunter is also a lawyer with MBNA America, a Bank-holding company in Delaware, that was one of the largest donors to his father’s campaign. (Getty)<br data-cke-eol=”1″>

Two months later, as a hunter and his wife Kathleen, which he separated and married in 1993. In Dec. 9, 2016, they filed for divorce. On Feb. 23, 2017, Kathleen filed a motion in DC Superior Court search Hunter asset freeze. She claimed, in a motion, which was leaked to the New York Post, the hunter had the family on the brink of financial ruin by spending huge amounts of money for drugs, alcohol and prostitutes Kathleen also dropped the bomb on me that Hunter was dating Hallie, of his deceased brother Beau a widow’s.

Biden denied the payment for prostitutes and claims he was at a strip club in years. However, in an act of defiance, he told The New Yorker that the night after the Post went article, he “has been published directly to a strip club. I said, ‘f–k you.'”

As his divorce playing out in public, to crumble his relationship with Hallie began was.

“All we got is sh-t from everyone, all the time,'” The New Yorker ” reported that the him as a matter of course.

In 2016, the Hunter should go to a wellness center in Arizona, but instead remained in Los Angeles for about a week. In L. A. he’s a homeless guy in Pershing Square asked, allegedly, where he could buy crack. Hunter told The New Yorker that the man led him to a nearby homeless camp where someone has a gun to his head before the realization of a potential customer was Biden. After this incident, Biden said, he returned to buy more crack a couple of times a week.

While in L. A., Biden lost control of his car, damaged it and ended up calling the Agency.

Hertz employee Zachary Romfo claims he found a crack pipe in the car as well as a line of white powder residue on one of the consoles. Hertz notified offences, the police and drugs-a report was filed. The report listed the items seized from Hunter’s car, which is also a plastic bag with a white powdery substance, a Secret Service business card, credit card, and Hunter Biden’s driver’s license.

His messy personal life, praised his complicated professional life.

On Aug. 23, 2008, then-sen. Barack Obama publicly Joe introduced Biden as his running mate. Hunter Biden claims that during the primaries, some have been of Obama’s advisers, to criticize him to reporters. He told The New Yorker that he said that he knew his lobbying activities, but that “the writing was on the wall.”

Hunter Biden dropped his lobbying clients, and resigned from an unpaid seat on the Board of Amtrak.

“I wanted my father said to a clean slate,” Hunter. “I didn’t want to limit him in any way.”

Since then, it has to be in the spotlight, and his actions in the past, Biden come back to hunt him and his father.


He told The New Yorker that he had recently seen reported on Twitter that Trump was calling for him, the examination by the Ministry of justice. Hunter said he noticed a helicopter flying higher and, supposedly, his wife Melissa, whom he married in the year 2019, said, “I hope it’s the pictures of us are now. I hope there is a live feed to the President, so he can see how much I care about his tweets.”

He added, “I said to Melissa,” I don ‘ T care. F–k you, Mr. President. Here I am, to live my life’.”

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