Hundreds of thousands of user credentials, erotic voyeurforum leaked

Hundreds of thousands of user credentials, erotic voyeurforum leaked

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User data of some 180,000 users of a forum where users adult material of women who are not aware of the camera, or appear to share, are leaked.

That writes the International Business Times UK. The leaked data include e-mail addresses, user names and passwords as well as various statistics about how the accounts use the forum. Think, for instance, such as when the users are logged on, when they last posted anything and what is their reputation score on the forum.

Users of The Candid Board photo’s and video’s of women who are not aware seem to be of the fact that they are being recorded. It is often women in situations such as on the beach or in cafés and bars. A subscription costs $ 19.99 per month.

Salient detail is that among the leaked e-mail addresses for dozens of government e-mail addresses sit. So there would definitely 19 e-mail addresses of the governments of under Wales, Australia and the Us city of Houston. Also, there would certainly be 38 e-mail addresses of the American armed forces make use of the forum.

The database with all the leaked data is transferred to lekdatabasesite That the data is not – as usual – is published so that people can look at whether their data is there, but only accessible for the owners of the data. Veiligheidsonderzoeker Troy Hunt, who manages the website, and says that to the sensitive nature of the data is done.

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