Hundreds of thousands of people displaced by cyclone Idai in South Africa

The devastating cyclone Idai last week about South Africa swept to a huge havoc led. Aid organisation UNICEF reported Wednesday that in Mozambique, more than 900,000 people, among whom 460.000 children, are affected by the natural disaster.

According to the Red Cross are at least 400,000 people their home lost by the cyclone. The aid organisation is warning of a humanitarian disaster.

President Filipe Nyusi of Mozambique made Tuesday announced that more than two hundred people were killed by the forces of nature. That death toll will be in the coming days, in all likelihood, continue to rise, as rescue workers still finding the body. Wednesday, he announced three days of national mourning.

In neighboring Zimbabwe, the official death toll to 98 people, but hundreds of people reported missing. The storm also drew about Malawi, where, according to the United Nations 920.000 people were affected. About any victims in that country is, however, little is known.

An old woman in Zimbabwe is washing her remaining clothes in a modderplas. (Photo: AFP)

In the wake of the cyclone followed heavy rainfall

As the cyclone further inland we went, took the storm in strength, but this was followed by heavy rainfall in the weekend. The next few days it continues to rain.

In particular, the Mozambican port city of Beira, where the cyclone struck last week Thursday landed, is heavily affected. Large parts of the city, a half million inhabitants, according to the Red Cross is totally destroyed. In addition, whole villages flooded.

According to the aid organization is the water on different places high. Emergency responders are rescuing people on rooftops and in trees are climbed.

In addition, communication lines were eliminated and roads were wiped out. “Some of the affected communities are not reached,” according to the international federation of Red Cross and Red crescent societies IFRC.


Tropical storm Idai leaves trail of destruction behind in Zimbabwe

Drones bring disaster area map

According to UNICEF, there is a shortage of all basic services for people who have their flooded houses fled. Immediately after the disaster, UNICEF and the Red Cross therefore started with the distribution of relief supplies to outbreaks of diseases such as cholera, typhoid and malaria can be prevented.

Also include mosquito nets, water purifying tablets, medicines and hygiene kits were distributed. In addition, try UNICEF children as soon as possible access to education.

To assist the government to make the situation better, it flies UNICEF with drones over the affected areas.

Zimbabweans waiting for transport, so that their deceased loved ones to the cemetery. (AFP)

“Certainly children are very vulnerable’

Certainly children are “tremendously vulnerable in the chaos of the floods”, says head of child protection at UNICEF, Edith Morch-Binnema. According to her, are the children in Mozambique become separated from their parents and the aid organization everything to those children to bring them back with their families.

“For we know that in this kind of situations, the risks of child trafficking and violence against children is enormous,” said Morch-Binnema.

European Union emergency fund rather of 3.5 million euros

The European Union made Tuesday announced a 3.5 million euro in emergency aid for Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. That money is intended for emergency shelters, hygiene, sanitation, and health care.

The netherlands attracts itself, another 3.5 million euros for emergency aid. A part of the money can also be spent on what the first reconstruction projects, says minister Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Trade and development Cooperation).

According to the Red Cross, there is much more money is needed. The emergency assistance to Mozambique cost only 9 million euros, according to the organization. The Red Cross has giro 7244 opened for the victims of the catastrophe.

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