Hundreds of smart door locks to be unusable after update

Hundreds of smart door locks to be unusable after update

Photo: Lockstate

Hundreds of users of a smart door lock with internet access could after a faulty update to their door anymore openkrijgen.

It comes to a faulty update for the RemoteLock LS6i-locks of the American company Lockstate. The lock is with a key, pin, and via wi-fi to be opened.

According Lockstate, the locks were of only “a small fraction” of its users by the faulty update hit, reports The Verge. It would be according to Lockstate going to certainly five hundred affected locks, writes Ars Technica.


Through its wi-fi function, the lock is under more recommended to Airbnb rentals, for guests without a key to give access to a house or apartment. Using Airbnb can landlords each tenant, then a private, temporary access code.

Such users were able to post the erroneous and automatically update performed their holiday home. Although the affected locks with a physical key to open, many Airbnb users, the key is not in possession.

According Lockstate have many affected customers enough to make a new software update. Some of them have their slot, however, disassemble and send it to the manufacturer to get it back working.

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