Hundreds of Sicilians homeless after earthquake caused by mount Etna

The volcano Etna on Sicily has more than four hundred people were left homeless after the earthquake this week. Also, there are 28 people injured, but no one is in mortal danger.

They had to spend the night in emergency shelters because the earthquake, and nabevingen not in their houses could remain, reports the head of the Italian civil protection Thursday.

The Italian government will on Friday declare a state of emergency for the affected areas, said deputy prime minister and leader of the Vijfsterrenbeweging Luigi Di Maio. Which measure would the authorities be able to have certain rules to work and faster to offer help.

Di Maio was Thursday with fellow vice-premier Matteo Salvini traveled to Catania, near the volcano.

Wednesday morning there was an earthquake with a strength of 4.8 in the area around Catania on the south-eastern foot of the Etna. There were reports of damage to sixteen hundred houses, that is due would be to the earthquakes. Especially the place Zafferana Etnea was affected, including a seventeenth-century church.

Eruption volcano Etna in Italy

Volcano spewed lava

Monday spit out the Enta lava and during the day rose in the ash clouds from the volcano, causing flights to Catania was blocked. In the days before felt residents had multiple small earthquakes.

The mount Etna is with 3.330 metres one of the highest volcanoes in Europe and is known as an active volcano that is more ash and lava spews out.

In the past, made considerable bursts for serious inconvenience in Catania, at the foot of the Etna.

Photo: Damage in Sicily

Damage on Sicily after an earthquake as a result of an eruption of the Etna.

The volcano is the last day pretty active.

Hundreds of people have to leave their homes.

Especially the place Zafferana Etnea was affected, including a 17th-century church.

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