Hundreds of Bolivian cocaboeren clashed with police

Hundreds of Bolivian cocaboeren clashed with police

Photo: AFP

In the Bolivian La Paz are hundreds of Bolivian cocatelers clashed a hit with the police. The violent protests following a legislative proposal by the government to the legal cocateeltgebieden to expand.

The French news agency AFP reports that for the second day in a row was protested by the farmers in the second city of Bolivia. The cocatelers do not agree with a bill to the total area of legal cocaplantages to expand and limit.

Tuesday were 148 arrests carried out by the Bolivian police. According to the deputy minister of Security, the protesters and police installations and a brandweereenheid in the fire and “they threatened a petrol station to blow up”.

The enraged crowd threw a dynamite, fireworks and stones at the Bolivian ME. The police officers had different groups of farmers on Monday removed from access roads to the presidentsgebouw in La Paz.


Bolivian cocaboeren clashed with police in La Paz

Tear gas

Tuesday tried the farmers, once again, the roads to block. The police used tear gas to enable the group to disperse in a battle against hundreds of cocatelers four hours duration.

The violence ensured that a meeting between the three ministers and the union of cocaboeren, to the tension, much later than planned.


The cocaboeren want to determine how much coca they grow and don’t want the limits. The government of Evo Morales, himself once leader of cocatelers, the area cultivated should be to extend and limit at 20,000 hectares.

In the current system there can be up to 12,000 hectares to be grown over the whole of Bolivia. The bill intends that there will be only in two areas of cultivation. In the area to the city of La Paz is the limit of 13,000 hectares and the area of Cochabamba (where Morales himself once coca-grown) is the limit of 7,000 hectares.

The cocaboeren find that unfair. They want as much as possible grow to meet the local demand, so more than 20,000 hectares. In addition, the farmers it is unfair that one region is more remodeling than the other. In addition, fears the group of illegal renovators the “unfair competition” of legal growers if that is correct more be allowed to produce.


Coca is a plant that in Bolivia all generatieslang is grown. Substances in the plant are used to prevent fatigue, and reduce altitude sickness. Chemically produced coca is used for the harddrug cocaine, use of which is banned worldwide.

In 2015 cultivated Bolivia according to the United Nations 20.200 hectares of coca. Thus it has in Colombia and Peru after the largest cocaproductie of the world.

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