Humberto Tan) and overpelt in belgium was the affair in therapy

Humberto Tan, and his wife, Ineke, in therapy, gone after the news came out that he was having an affair with a colleague, Dionne Stax. This, he said in an interview with LINDA.Vacation book.

Tan believes that the cure for his relationship because he and Ineke, it would go further than that. “If, however, one of the two wants to, it doesn’t make sense,” says the presenter.

He explains that in order for the valley to go to realize the need for them to be together, wanted. He says that there is hartenpijn was necessary in order to make this possible. “Alone, hartenpijn, miss. These three things, there will eventually be taken care of that just fine,” says Tan.

The presenter is afraid that he could not see the punch coming from the man who vreemdgaat’. “There are still a lot of people who are not so ill take it,” he said. “Yes, yes, that’s me, forever nagedragen, I’m afraid.”

In the interview, Saskia Noort, with a Tan, had for LINDA.Vacation book, it was taken before the Tan once again, in time with her. Weekend it was reported recently that the presenter is having an affair with a 28 year’s young photographer. The Tan caused by his management not to want to respond to this one.

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