‘Huishoudbeurs is more important by empty streets’

‘Huishoudbeurs is more important by empty streets’

Organisers of the Huishoudbeurs are of the opinion that the negendaanse event with a long shelf life is also prefer a lot of people shopping online today over visiting physical stores.

“I think I understand that the effect of the Huishoudbeurs will be stronger through the empty streets,” says spokesperson Nicole Babay-Mengerink to “In the stock market are rows of pop-up stores, all under one roof. Now many shops have their doors close, exhibitors also need to be on the Huishoudbeurs. So they have contact with the audience.”

The organization wants the scholarship, tenable by a broader audience to attract. The average Huishoudbeursbezoeker is 42 years old, but the event is already a long time busy with more younger visitors to receive. “We invite influencers with a large reach, such as Fajah Lourens and Carolien Karthaus-Track, which young people excited to create,” says Babay-Mengerink.

Let them know that the exhibitors at the trade fair for the picture that there are also many younger visitors. “I expect that this year even more young people. A few years ago we organised simultaneously with the Huishoudbeurs the BFF event, aimed at younger women. They could use their card for free through to the Huishoudbeurs and that turned out to be a success. In fact, we had many to hear that they are the Huishoudbeurs can be even more fun.”


By the “rejuvenation” of the event is the according to Babay-Mengerink is not intended that the older visitors are no longer welcome at the fair, which this week for the 72nd time is organized. “We want the audience to understand only but to broaden. And as a result, the Huishoudbeurs in my opinion, still long lasting. I sign for 72 editions.”

This year the visitors can, inter alia, a burlesque show visit vintage clothing buy of stars Halina Reijn and Victoria Koblenko and of course lots of new products to try and buy. The rumor that you have a lot of products get for free on the show has a life of its own. You can there lot to try and taste, though. Nevertheless, everyone with bags full of the door.”

Old name

The Huishoudbeurs was in 1950, organized for the first time. When was the event purely focused on housewives, now take the household products yet, but a hall in the batter and the fair is more of a lifestyle event.

However, the name of the stock exchange will remain unchanged, says Babay-Mengerink. “Research has shown that the name only in case of non-visitors has negative connotations. The awareness among the target group is 96 percent. It would, of course, a sin to a new name.”

The Huishoudbeurs will take place at the RAI in Amsterdam from 18 to 26 February.

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