Huge roughtail stingray caught from a Florida pier

A beachgoer took jaw-dropping video of a fisherman hauling a huge stingray on the Sunglow Pier in Daytona Beach around 3:30 pm, Friday.

The roughtail stingray was caught by a fisherman who was asked by some of the bystanders throw, and back again, but it seems the fisherman had other plans when a brawl broke out.


Rebecca Krawczyk took video of the jet is obtained. She goes to that section of the beach that often.

“We regularly use the beach here for many, many years and never seen one that size before so that caught our attention,” Krawczyk said. “There were a lot of people around us at the moment. We heard people talking about it and asked what happened.”

Witnesses say some people were not happy with the fisherman on his catch and tried to take it from him.

Captain Mike Berard, with Volusia County Beach Patrol says the roughtail stingray is not a protected species and the catch was legal. That apparently does not stop bystanders trying to protect the ray, anyway.

“From what I understand I think someone threw a bucket of water over someone else and there may be some attract,” Capt. Berard said.

Beach Patrol says they separated from the group and everyone walked away without any criminal prosecution

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