Huge blow for Erdogan: the Opposition to win again in Istanbul

Oppositiekandidaat Ekrem Imamoglu Sunday re-election for mayor of Istanbul and won. When 95 per cent of the votes had been counted, Imamoglu all of a majority of 53.6 per cent, of the vote taken, and his opponent was 45.4 per cent.

Imamoglu was, on the 31st of march, once was elected the mayor of the Turkish city, but also in the supreme electoral council (YSK) cancelled the time when the election is. The opposition has pulled out at that time, with a lead of 13,000 votes, but on Sunday, its lead over 700.000 votes.

With his victory, and made Imamoglu put an end to the dominant position of the political force, of History in the last 25 years, Istanbul has it. Erdogan was also the mayor of the city, on behalf of the Refah party. The winner will belong to the CHP, a secular state is a party.

In the second, and largest, city in the country and is considered to be the cultural and economic heart of Turkey.

Imamoglu’s competitor, Binali Yildirim. Yildirim is a former prime minister of Turkey, and is a confidante of president Erdogan. After that Imamoglu, in Istanbul, won the elections, saying the AK party on irregularities during the vote, and made a complaint to the electoral council. Erdogan spoke of “organised fraud”.

The electoral council was able to find no evidence of fraud, however, the election is still invalid. This is because some of the chairmen of the polling stations officials were in place, as required by law.

Only with the election in Istanbul, it was re-done. In other elections on march 31, took place in the same polling stations and under the same conditions, however, were declared to be valid.

The vote on Sunday, is the eighth in Turkey in the next five years.

Yildirim and Erdogan would like to congratulate the opponent

Yildirim also congratulated Imamoglu, live on tv, and said that he hoped that the opponents of the city’s good will. This is the third of the burgemeesterverkiezing that is Yildirim lost. In 2014, on behalf of the AK party contestant, in Izmir (smyrna).

Imamoglu referred to this as a “new page” for a Century. “This is a new page, it will be justice, equality, and love.”

President Erdogan, the opposition parties through the use of Twitter on the ‘informal results. “The national will, is this day published,” said the president.

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