‘Huawei-topvrouw arrested for investigation of Chinese espionage’

The arrest of Huawei-topvrouw Meng Wanzhou would be based on an investigation of Chinese espionage in the place of violating sanctions on Iran.

The shift to the accused to fraud would have a better chance of success than a matter concerning national security, reports The New York Times Friday on the basis of former prosecutors.

Mix was earlier in december at the request of the United States to be arrested in Canada. The topvrouw, the financial director of the Chinese company and the daughter of the founder, was Wednesday released on bail.

The investigation of Huawei by the US would in 2010, were initiated under then president Barack Obama. The country is convinced that the smartphonemaker and manufacturer of telecom equipment are an extension of the Chinese government and in that capacity is used to in the West spying.

The sue of Huawei or its personnel for espionage would be difficult, because of its sources for sensitive material to the outside. The public prosecutors would therefore have come to Huawei to sue for the circumvention of sanctions against Iran.

The arrest of Meng has to the tensions between the United States and China further sharpened.

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