Huawei promises never back doors to place in his equipment

Huawei ceo Guo Ping promises that his company never backdoors in network equipment has been placed, and that also will never do. He did just that during a speech at telecombeurs Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Ping made a speech in the framework of 5G-internet. Many times its faster successor to 4G is this and next year are rolled out, and Huawei is an important provider of necessary network equipment. For years before Huawei was announced with its own smartphones, it was one of the world’s largest suppliers of network equipment, for example cell tower.

The last few months is the Chinese Huawei increasingly come under fire. The US finds Huawei a risk to national security and also in other countries is growing the suspicion. So said Captain earlier this month that the Netherlands is the 5G equipment from Huawei should avoid, because of the risks to the business.

Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei said in January that his company never for the Chinese government would be spying. “There is no law that companies in China required to have back doors in to build,” said Zhengfei.

“We take our responsibility very seriously

Chairman Ping promises that now again, in yet helderde wording. “Huawei has not and will never be back doors build in,” says Ping. “And we will have no one else to allow our equipment to do. We take that responsibility very seriously.”

“As vendors, we manage the networks of providers are not, and we are not the owner of the data providers,” said Ping. “Our responsibility, what we promise is that we do not bad things will do.”

The chairman of the board, finds the criticism of the US ironic, because the country, according to its own CLOUD Act information from U.s. companies can claim even if outside of the USA can be saved. “The American veiligheidsbeschuldigingen about our 5G has no evidence, nothing,” says Ping.

Ping also called on for cooperation and evidence-based regulation. “I fully support recent recommendations: governments and mobile proicers would have to work together for establishing a European system for testing and certification.

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