Huawei is showing ads in the background on a locked phone

Different Huawei mobile phones, allow ads to show on a locked-down scenes, writing for Android Police on Friday.

Smartphone users also reported Thursday on Twitter that they have ads on the travel site on their smartphones were able to see. The ads appeared in the background of a locked phone.

Android Police reports that the ads, in each case, on the P30, Pro, P20 Pro, P20, P20 Media Player 10 on Smartphone to. It is not known how many of the people in the ads are exactly got the. Dutch users have to be seen.

The ads appeared in the Magazine’s feature of a Smartphone. This way you will get people each and every time a new picture is to be seen when they are on their screen and turn it back on. In the images, the logo of the can be clearly seen.

A German, a Twitter account, Huawei has responded to a user who is using the advertisements he saw. “I’m so sorry that you feel that we would like to advertise,” he writes in the account. “You can have the Magazine, always turn it off. Swipe in from the bottom of the screen to the top, and then click on the little gear.”

Are you fucking serious, @Huawei? Ads on your lockscreen? @HuaweiMobile @HuaweiMobileDe

AvatarAuteurpH0u57Moment of plaatsen05:37 – the 13th of June 2019

@pH0u57 @Huawei @HuaweiMobile: Hello Tim,
I’m sorry that you think that we want to advertise.
You can deactivate the magazine at any time.
Just wipe it on from the bottom to the top and click on the gearwheel symbol.
Best regards,
Tolga from HUAWEI Mobile

AvatarAuteurHuaweiMobileDeMoment of plaatsen06:05 pm – 13 June, 2019 at the latest

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