Huawei has its own Android alternative for emergencies

Huawei confirms that it’s an alternative for Android and Windows, for emergencies in which the Us software are not able to use.

Huawei has its own operating system developed for smartphones and computers. The growing tensions between the Chinese Huawei and the US would have implications for the availability of American operating systems, says Huawei CEO Richard Yu at die Welt, reports the South China Morning Post.

“We have our own operating system developed, as it seems that we have these systems [Android and/or Windows] can no longer use, we will be ready and have a plan B,” says Huawei ceo.

A company spokesman stresses, however, that it is going to be a stopgap. “Huawei has backup systems, but for use only in very exceptional circumstances. We expect not to use them and would honestly also don’t want to,” said a Huawei spokesman at the South China Morning Post. “We support the operating systems of our partners completely. Android and Windows will always be our first choices to stay.”

Huawei works for years to own system

Huawei would already have started in 2012 with the development of its Android-alternative. In that year were Huawei and the Chinese fellow phone maker ZTE as are now under a magnifying glass.

Last year, against ZTE U.s. sanctions imposed, and the company was able to due to lack of U.s. parts for months, no phones. That measure would Huawei have roused.

According to figures from market researcher Gartner is to run 99.9 percent of all current smartphones on Android or iOS, both of them American. Alternatives like Nokia’s Symbian and Samsung’s Tizen have still not solve this problem.

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