Huawei files trademark for the mobile OS all around the world, after the US ban

LIMA/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China’s Huawei, has applied to trademark his “Hongmeng” operating system (OS) from at least nine countries in Europe, the data of a U. N. body, it shows, in a sign of the implementation of the back-up plan in key markets such as the US sanctions threaten its business model.

FILE PHOTO: Workers are shown at the booth of Huawei Technologies Co., under construction on the site of the China International Big Data Industry Expo, in Guiyang, Guizhou province, China, May 22, 2019 at the latest. REUTERS/Stringer

The move comes after the Trumpet, the administration puts Huawei at a time from the previous month, it is excluded from doing business with U.S. tech companies such as Alphabet, Inc., whose Android operating system is used in Huawei’s mobile phones.

Since that time, Huawei was the world’s largest maker of telecom network gear, has been made for a Hongmeng brand in countries such as Cambodia, Canada, south africa, South Korea, New Zealand, and the details of the U. N.’s World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) presents.

It is also applied in Peru on the 27th of May, depending on the country’s anti-trust agency, Indecopi.

Huawei has a back-up copy of the OS in the event that it is cut off from the US-of-the-box software, by Richard Yu, chief executive officer of the company, and the consumer division, told the German newspaper die Welt in an interview published earlier this year.

The company, which is also the world’s second-largest maker of smartphones, has not yet revealed details about the operating system.

The applications are the trademark of the OX show, Huawei wants to use the “Hongmeng” gadgets, ranging from smart phones, wearable computers, robots, and vehicles.

Home, Free for a Hongmeng please note in August of last year, and was given a nod and a wink in the last month, according to the request of China ‘ s intellectual property rights, the administration of the web site.

Huawei declined to comment.


According to the WIPO data, as the earliest Smartphone applications, is the trademark of the Hongmeng OS outside of China to have been made on the 14th of May, the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office and the republic of Korea, or soon after, the United States of america and the flag stick, Huawei it on a “black list” in the export.

Huawei has been in the assembly of trustees for more than a year, is led by the US, allegations that “back doors” into its routers, switches and other gear may be to allow China to spy on U.S. communications.

The company has denied that its products pose a serious threat to the safety and security.

However, consumers are bewildered by the way the matter should be escalated, with many looking to offload their devices to ensure that they would be cut off from Android updates in the wake of the country’s black list.

Huawei’s plans to become the world’s best-selling smartphone maker in the fourth quarter of this year, and now has been delayed, a senior Huawei executive said this week.

Peru’s Indecopi, has said that it needs more information from Huawei, to be able to register a trademark for the Hongmeng in the country, where there are about 5.5 million of Huawei mobile phone users.

The agency gave no details about the documents it had sought, but said Huawei had been sentenced to nine months in which to respond.

Huawei representatives in Peru, declined to provide immediate comment, while the Chinese embassy in Lima, peru did not respond to requests for comment.

Reporting by Marco Aquino in Lima, peru, and Brenda Goh in Shanghai, Additional Reporting by Sijia Jiang, Hong-Kong, Shanghai Newsroom and Mitra Taj in Lima, peru, by the ipad, Himani

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