However, eleven of the Americans slightly wounded in the retaliatory action by Iran, on the basis of

The missile attacks by Iran on a military base in Iraq two weeks ago, however, U.s. military personnel were injured. The U.s. military reports on the night of Thursday to Friday that the eleven soldiers, the symptoms of a concussion in the attack have been held.

Iran fired last week, several rockets at the air base of Ain Al Asad, in western Iraq. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps (IRGC) claimed immediately responsibility.

The attacks have increased in Iran in revenge for the death of general Qassem Soleimani, who at the beginning of this month, was shot and killed by an American droneaanval in Iraq.

In the first instance, held that the Us president, Donald Trump is claiming that there will be no soldiers were injured or in the life to come. According to the president, it was “everything” in the retaliatory action by Iran.

Iran is claimed to be correct, that there were eighty killed in the attack in some cases.

As a matter of precaution, are a few of the wounded soldiers at American bases in Germany and Kuwait, where they will be tested. The idea is that the troops will return to Iraq as soon as they are fixed.

At the U.s. military base of Ain Al Asad at the time of the retaliatory action, approximately 1,500 of Americans to be stationed.


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