How Zetterberg his position at Anderlecht: ‘I want the Jean Dockx be my period’

Sport/Voetbalmagazine was looking for Pär Zetterberg at his home in the Swedish Falkenberg. On January 6, the former playing point guard officially in service as a staff-member at RSC Anderlecht, and he does that with a clear vision on what needs to be improved in his beloved purple-and-white.

Hein Vanhaezebrouck and Pär Zetterberg © BELGAIMAGE

“The biggest priority of Anderlecht is a line to draw – that would always be the starting point must be – and there is Michael Verschueren busy doing. There will be a lot of time in crawl, but hard going too, ” begins Zetterberg his argument. “Anderlecht is equal to class. Players at Anderlecht to sign a contract need to know that the supporters of spectacle requirements, and that a defeat, not just accepted. In comparison with twenty years ago, the football bright changed. But you must as a club try to your own principles to maintain, and the DNA is not to grab to throw it.’

The Swede has Anderlecht in the last few weeks a couple of times live, the work is seen, even next to Hein Vanhaezebrouck on the trainersbank sat. What are, according to him, the pain points? “Anderlecht plays well for a short period of time, but it has in every match a relapse. I saw the match against Genk – for me the team that in terms of football recruitment and the farthest state in Belgium – and the margin between the two teams was not large. But they have a Pozuelo, Trossard or Malinovski who can make the difference if the team is not good play. In the past, had Anderlecht each season that kind of players in the core, but its been there for a while.”

“They can all play football. I’m convinced of it. But an offensive player of Anderlecht should an opponent be able to turn off – that should even be his main quality. Today, I see little daredevils in the team. Amuzu shows the last match what guts and Verschaeren try also. But the rest? The public wants players that have something to do.’

The new Jean Dockx

In January he starts officially at Anderlecht. What will his role exactly entail? Zetterberg: ‘I’m just a member of the staff. The new coach and his assistant will be the training lead, I will watch and occasionally my insights to share. It is also my job to give the players advice and a relationship of trust with them. What they me to entrust, I will not tell the trainer. With that information I can get on to the coach to help.’

‘A trainer is out of time with each player individually. On training, he can say, with five players in for a chat. What with the twenty other? My role is to get those guys on to catch. To the morale of the couch potatoes welcome. Players appreciate it when you have time for them to come out.

“In my time as a player there was no one in the club is more important than Dockx, but after his death in 2002, he was not replaced. A club as Anderlecht has however a type Dockx, someone that the culture embodies.

“I want his work, not copying, but I want to be the Dockx of my period. He was the jack-of-all, and was really involved in everything. He did the scouting at the time, he is me personally, in Sweden, to observe -worked the policy was that by Constant Vanden Stock always asked for advice for he is a player bought.’

The fact that Hein Vanhaezebrouck not more, changes little of its function, Zetterberg: ‘I’m a commitment entered into with Anderlecht and changes the dismissal of Vanhaezebrouck nothing. I would have liked to have worked with him, because the first contacts were good and there was mutual respect. From my personal perspective, is the resignation of so a pity.’

Read the full interview with Pär Zetterberg in our +zone, or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 19 december.

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