How (un)healthy it is to make each day your hair to wash?

Almost everyone washes their hair. But how often is best? And how (un)healthy it is to live each day shampoo to use? ask the tricholoog mr. D. Cook of Haarkliniek Rotterdam and the hairdressers of salon Salon B.

What does each day washing with the hair?

Cook: “where there is a sulfate free shampoo is washed, it is not unhealthy to your hair each day to wash. Sulphates help to keep your cuticle open, so the hair structure is damaged. Is the hair dry, dull and brittle, because dirt and other things in the hair. The hair breaks quicker off during brushing.”

Salon B: “It is not a priori bad for you, but you strips your scalp of the natural oils that the hair and the scalp healthy. A harsh shampoo can your hair and scalp dry, with all the consequences: itching, flakes, you name it. As long as you a mild shampoo used to your hair to wash it daily, it may not be so much evil.”

What is the advantage of your hair every day washing?

Cook: “With a caring shampoo can be your hair texture improve. You can use the hair cuticles and scalp to soothe and nourish. In the clinic we encourage people with real irritation on the every day hair wash. After a week or three, it feels often a lot better.”

Salon B: “People find their hair at its best just after it is washed. It looks not fat, and is often, especially for men, easier to model. Thus, it has mainly aesthetic benefits.”

And the downside?

Cook: “The most shampoos contain harmful chemicals and ingredients, such as sulfate, paraben and perfume. That dry the hair out.”

Salon B: “The natural oils from your hair and scalp, leaving your scalp getting faster and faster, feel the need to re-create. This increases the oil production and you will see her there faster fat from, while the basically only dryer is frequently shampoogebruik. Daily washing your hair, it is also more expensive, because you use more shampoo.”

What do you recommend?

Cook: “I recommend to you her for the day washing with a natural shampoo. So has your hair some time to recuperate.”

Salon B: “a Lot of our hair stylists wash their hair one, at most two times in the week. But one hair type is naturally less fat than the other, because it is thicker or stiffer. Do you have curly hair, then you should be able to one wash per week or even less. For fine hair, apply two to three times a week washing is certainly achievable. For people with thick hair, would two times a week washing should be sufficient.”

Do you have any tips for people who do their hair every day washing?

Cook: “Select a as naturally as possible, sulfate free shampoo. Here, little of and was your hair certainly not two times in a row on the same spot on the head. Women with long hair often have trouble getting their hair in a single wash, so they can, for example, first the top and then the bottom.”

“Rinse the shampoo out well. Preferably with cold water, because heat can cause the hair damage. And if your tap water a lot of calcium contain that is harmful for your hair. Instead, you can boil water and let cool, or for example rainwater use. There are also special filters for the shower head.”

Salon B: “If you keep your hair daily with a mild shampoo washes, is it really wise to once in a while a clarifying shampoo to use. That is intended to cover all product residues and other dirt from your hair, so you can be with a clean slate. You can also consider getting your hair one day with a mild shampoo and the other day with only water to wash.”

How often are you washing your hair? And why? Join the conversation on the topic by to leave a comment under this post.

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