How (un)healthy it is for the whole of the summer months slippers to walk on it?

As long as the weather is nice, it seems nice to have the whole of the summer, slippers in the run. Or would that be bad for your feet? it asks three experts.

Podotherapeut, van der Kaa replied joking: “No, not at all, walking is especially good, often to shower, change and we podotherapeuten will not have a job yet.” Then, more seriously: “as, Slippers wearing is just the same as smoking. Sooner or later you will probably have problems all the time.” It’s estimated that 30 per cent of the Dutch population has a serious foot complaints, often due to wearing the wrong shoes, ” she explains.

Also, podotherapeut Sepp Mortelmans, compares it to wearing flip-flops with your doctor. “It is a risk-taking behaviour. As smoking is lung cancer, you may want to run the risk of your slippers that will have your feet in the long term may become overloaded. That happens, of course, not everyone, but the risk is still there. You need to know, but to live by them, in each case, it is not too often. “

Podotherapeut Season, Westerhof, every year, in september and again in new slipperpatiënten in her work. “They often have a kuitproblemen pain at their achilles tendon or the heel, or the voorvoetklachten. Of course, it turns out, especially after a long hot summer, always in slippers, have to walk.”

‘Paws’ to your shoe to hold it

The biggest disadvantage of flip-flops is the lack of a hielaansluiting lays Him out. “A shoe is, therefore, not get your foot stuck. In accordance with the law of gravity is that will shoe down, which makes you enormously, it’s best to do to get this thing to keep it. You will have to ‘paws’ with your toes and constantly all kinds of feetmuscles can get to pursue.”

For a brief moment, can do no harm, according to Van der Kaa. You can even see it as a kind of exercise for your feet. The slippers in the past, even gezondheidsslippers’ as they are called, because they are, after voetoperatie had to wear to keep their toes are once again active. But to compare it to the wearing of slippers, with a trip to the gym: half an hour per day is nothing, wrong. However, if you have each and every day, eight hours, and the machines are going to hang on, to survive that is to say not at all.”

If you really want necessarily a slippers to wear? Preferably, a pair of:

  • A tight strap across the instep, and preferably height adjustable
  • An over-the-counter
  • With a thick sole, and not just a little
  • Rigid sole: as you may have to fold, he is not strong enough
  • Is really the right fit for your feet. Walk to the store and spent a long time in order to see whether, for example, your feet are not on the edge, sliding
  • Consider using sandals instead of flip flops. The hielbandje your toes will be less of ‘jaws’

Birkenstocks are not the holy grail

Even on a sensible-looking pair of slippers like Birkenstocks, you can’t have the whole summer walking around, say the experts. Him: “If I was a regular shoe with a score from 0 to 10 I would give, I would have cash back on that site and a 2 on the 10 show.”

As a Birkenstock, it is indeed tough, but the broad over-the-counter, for a long time, not everyone is suitable. And to Him the treasure that the cash back on that site for three-quarters of all of the holders do not have the desired ondersteuningseffect have. The bulge halfway up the over-the-counter for most of the population is too low to really get to work.

Wear the slippers, for which they are intended

All three of these experts will suggest that in order to slippers, in principle, to carry to which they were originally created. Westerhof: “go To the beach, to the camping site and the swimming pool. On a very hot day, it may well be, as so often, it’s now 30 degrees in the Netherlands. But don’t walk or an hour of dog walking.”

Van der Kaa: “you feel just as good with it being on the promenade, but take them out again. Wear the slippers, for which they are intended. Each and every footwear has its own functionality and features. You wouldn’t want to be with your shoes off, eating, or jogging in ballet slippers?”

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