How (un)healthy is the use of foundation?

A thick layer of foundation can make even the worst spots are covered. But how (un)healthy foundation for your skin?

More than three-quarters of the Dutch women used make-up, of which 80 percent daily. The turnover in cosmeticaland is more than 3 billion euros per year. “Women want to look beautiful, smooth and look perfect. With foundation, you can all hide,” says dermatologist Sharmila Toekoen, owner of a clinic for single in Haarlem.

But according to Toekoen is foundation bad for your skin. “It is for the skin is important to be able to breathe. But if you have a layer of foundation make, can’t do that. It is just as if you taped on your skin paste. A time foundation to a party is okay, but everyday use? That has consequences.”

Also dries according to Toekoen your skin out by the foundation and the skin aging faster. “Foundation with oil in it is bad for your skin. The oil creates a layer, but your skin makes it all oil. Between these two layers keeps sweat and sebum to sit. The result is a parched, congested skin.”

‘Thin layer of foundation can best’

Make-up artist Carla Stroijckens understand the point of the dermatologist, but found that foundation with a degree is best, if you have a normal skin and it has good cleans. “It is good to have a thin layer, preferably mixed with day cream, to bring, says Stroijckens. “A thick layer is at all not pretty. I get the chills.”

People with normal skin can indeed foundation, says Toekoen. “But even then, not every day. At a given moment, close your the skin off.”

“With foundation, you can see everything covered.” (Photo: Hollandse Hoogte)

Oily, dry or poor skin: no foundation

And if you have oily, dry or bad skin? “Don’t use a foundation. On a oily skin this causes inflammation and dry skin for even more dehydration,” says Toekoen.

That agrees Stroijckens. “An oily skin can’t stand foundation is oil-based. If you have already used, you will need a version with water-based choose. People with dry skin must first moisturizing cream or the foundation, or mix with cream. People with bad skin, like acne, can foundation it is better to avoid. Then it is doomed to get worse. “

“People with bad skin, like acne, can foundation it is better to avoid.”
Carla Stroijckens, make-up artist

“Especially when a bad skin you should not have any foundation”, says Toekoen.” It is important that the skin to air dry and oxygen for recovery. I used to own a bad skin, but I did not have the foundation seized. I know other women who do, they have there scars and blemishes.”

Foundation, water-based and with vitamins

What brand of foundation you’re using, according to Toekoen. “It comes to the ingredients that are in it and in what proportions. There is the first glycerol on the list? That is a red light. The product that is the first on the list, is there the most in. Therefore, make sure or there as the first ingredient ‘water’, because that is much better than oil.”

“There are in so many products, wrong ingredients,” says Stroijckens. “Also in the average day cream. Do you want nothing in your pores is left behind? Then you should be using coconut oil on the corridor.”

Brushing no tax

Foundation, there must also be time and time again. Is that brushing is not a burden to the skin? “No, the foundation is a tax for your skin,” says Toekoen. “The cleaning is good, because then you can skin to breathe again. Clean, preferably with a cotton pad, or use a mild facewash without too much soap. Be sparing with tonic and wipes with alcohol. That dries all the skin off.”

“You have to use good judgment,” laughs Stroijckens. “It’s like cooking; a little of this and a little of that, play with the products that you have.”


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