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Google has its own universe. If you wanted to, you can only Google products, and you could live a very fruitful digital life. You could buy a Chromebook, use Gmail and G Suite, post your videos to YouTube, and save it to the last bit of the data on Google Drive.

You could have all your appointments in Google Calendar, download all of your media from Google Play, and tell the world about the great Google experience on Blogger. And of course, Google search to answer your questions.

Want to be shocked? A list of all the Google search you’ve ever performed. I have the steps on my site. Tap or click here to view them and erase everything you’ve ever searched for on Google.

When you are putting your life on Google, then you make a Faustian deal: Google caters to your every whim, but also from the hand of Google a huge amount of your personal information. You hand over your correspondences, your own files, and if you use Google Maps on your Android phone, but also your physical movements.

You can turn this off, but it is not so straight-forward. Tap or click here to turn off Google location tracking for real.

Especially the Google Ads makes people nervous. The personalized ads follow you around on the internet, pummeling you with images and links that are a reflection of your recent activities and searches. Nowhere else does Google have intimate knowledge as flashy, and the effect is disturbing.

Fortunately, you have a lot of control over the ads, in part because Google has responded positively to the feedback of customers. So if you want the world’s most sophisticated information company to stop the invasion of your privacy, here are some steps you can take.

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Here is the reason why Google knows so much about you

Google has a remarkable ability to determine your interests. The tech giant is a bit mysterious when it comes to you to tell how it determines which topics are of interest to you. According to

Google: “Ads are based on personal information that you have added to your Google Account, data of advertisers in partnership with Google, and Google is the assessment of your interests.”

In short, you tell Google a lot about yourself. Every time you search for something, every time you click on a YouTube video, and every time you book a plane ticket through Google Travel, the company will automatically calculate this data. At the time you log in to your account, Google collects the new data, which contribute to the portrait of your digital and consumers exist.

The good news is that Google is becoming more transparent about the tracking of your interests. You can even see what topics Google thinks are of interest to you, then change those interests, so you will see ads better reflection of your personality and lifestyle.

Conversely, you can tell Google to stop tailoring the ads to your interests. You cannot disable the ads completely, but you can prevent Google that you for brands and products that the algorithm thinks you’ll like.

Tip a Tip: Tired of some annoying ads bothering you? It has to stop. Google’s new tool helps you block annoying ads.

Here is how to tailor the ads to suit your interests

This may seem obvious, but you must first sign in to your Google account. Start by going to and you sign up.

Click on the menu bar, a box with three horizontal points and three vertical dots in the upper right side of your screen. Then click on Account. Scroll down to the box Personal Information And Privacy. Tap or click on Ad Settings >> Manage Ad-Settings.

You will see Ad Personalization is On. Scroll down to your interests in the Google ads think are of interest to you.

This is where you can manipulate the ads to appeal to your actual tastes. You can enable them or disable by clicking on each topic. For example, you can see that one of your interests is American Football; if that topic or the other not of interest, click the topic and click on Disable.

Here is how to disable Google’s personalized ads

If you are still creeped out about Google knowing too much private information about you, you can turn off Google’s ads. Scroll back up the screen until you Ad Personalization is On.

Slide the screen to Off. Then click on Disable.

Don’t forget, you’re not disable ads. You’ll still see ads if you are on Google sites such as Gmail, YouTube, and other Google-owned sites. But they are not focused on your own information.

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