How to Trump almost owner of Glasgow Rangers

When the Glasgow Rangers a few years ago in poor financial papers were, they were egg so after being bought by the new president of the USA. That report KICKtv and The Guardian.

Donald Trump (left). © AFP

Donald Trump, who two weeks ago was ingezworen as the 45th president of the United States, was the first American president may be in the possession of a football club. In 2012, when the Rangers are in liquidation, had to go, looked at Trump, or he and the club could not buy.

It sounds strange, especially now that the vastgoedtycoon meanwhile, American president, but Trump has links with both Scotland as the world of sports.

Trumps mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, was born in Scotland. In the period of time for the problems the Rangers had Trump been a golf course building in Balmedie, a village on the Scottish coast, not far from Aberdeen. Spicy detail: Trump left there in Balmedie once a challenged build a wall. One of the inhabitants of the village because it was his house, not to the individual businessman to sell and bore the consequences of. Trump bought the land around it all, and had a wall around the house and closed the even a time the water and electricity supply. And the cost of all of that, a bill of 3500 pounds, and fell – yes – in the bus to the aggrieved homeowner. Who threw the letter by the way immediately in the trash.

Trump also has a past in the sport. In the mid-80’s, he was the boss of the New Jersey Generals, a Americanfootballclub in the USFL played. That United States Football League wanted to compete with the popular NFL but kept it less than three years. Also for the regular football, about the big lake, often called ‘soccer’, it showed Trump apparently some interest. In high school he played, and sometimes soccer in the schoolploeg and in 1992 he organised the draw for the English League Cup live from the Trump Tower. When he made the clash between the erfvijanden Leeds and Manchester United from the drum conjured, spoke to the tv reporter when already ominous words: ‘Oow, Donald, you have no idea what you have done!’

And so wanted to Trump in 2012 might even be the books view of the Rangers, who are on the edge of collapse. But apparently the figures even for the later American president was ridiculous, because he saw the final print of the sale.

In 2015, in full presidential campaign, had Trump also set his sights on the Colombian Atlético Nacional, the club of drug lord Pablo Escobar. Nacional gave us, however, to know not to purchase.

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