How to plan a bachelor party in Las Vegas? Here’s what you need to know before you go

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As the Founder and CEO of las Vegas Girls ‘ Night Out (VGNO) On … Steck provides an expert guide to some of the most important do’s and don’ts of planning a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

Wedding season is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

However, if you have to be wary of spending too much money or effort in the friendship on a long trip somewhere like Las Vegas, it turns out that you can avoid the pitfalls by knowing where to look, where to book and which to avoid. This is the reason why we have sought the advice of the Bri Steck, founding member and CEO of las Vegas Girls ‘ Night Out (VGNO), which is an expert guide to some of the most important do’s and don’ts of planning a bachelor party in Sin City.

Steck wants to empower women, to help simplify the frequently overwhelming for party-planning process, which VGNO as a “boutique, dry cleaning / laundry service for women, by women, that are constantly keeping a finger on the casino pulse has to offer from the most sought-after experiences in las Vegas at an affordable price.”


Affordability is perhaps the biggest factor — and, according to Steck, this is one of the most important sources of stress during the bachelor / bachelorette parties in las Vegas as well. If you are the maid of honor, and, for example, you may not know is your best friend, college friends, or work colleagues, so you don’t know what other people are doing, and is comfortable firing from.

The money is likely to be the biggest stressor of planning a Vegas bachelorette party, but the party planner is On … Steck has any tips about how to avoid the crowds.

“I was all of these girls are from different parts of the country met in las Vegas, so not everyone knows everyone else, or their financial background, and what they can afford to do so.”

In order to overcome these problems, Steck recommends that, in the organizer, it should be easy, and it is to set up a group text or Facebook group before the trip, to get to know each individual’s budget constraints, and must-see attractions.

And if it’s going to have to fly to Sin City, Steck recommends that you avoid a Friday arrival and Sunday departure, as they are the most popular times and tend to be more expensive. Another pro-tip? Take a look at the larger rooms or suites, which may be more affordable than multiple hotel rooms.


Once you arrive on the Strip, Steck says, is that there is usually some other less well-known annoyance that often trips visitors of the difficulty of arranging transportation.

Most of the Las Vegas, the newbies don’t know that it would be impossible to walk down the famous Las Vegas Strip, it’s an optical illusion, and it is impossible to get from one place to the other,” Steck explains. “If you’re trying to get an Uber, and everyone is trying to do the same thing, and you lose the reception, and once you’ve cleared that hurdle, you have to find one of the meetup points, because they can’t get to you in just one location in las Vegas.”

Steck added that, quite often, the nightmare does not always end there, as drivers will tend to cancel when they would not be able to find one on the lot. In order to avoid the hassle, she said on Fox News, it’s a lot easier to plan transportation ahead of time. “You have a point… and to tell you that it winds up being the same price as an Uber split the bill,” she states.

They typically don’t charge extra for it, if you insist on wearing the bunny ears, either.

The ultimate nightmare, though, is that the wedding is canceled as a whole, and Steck, ” she said seeing as the groups celebrating stag / hen parties. But Steck said, there is a silver lining to that though, in Vegas, surrounded by some of the best friends you have. “It’s not a hen or stag do — it’s just a real crazy girls trip to las Vegas,” said Steck. “You have to make the best of it.”

For more information, including tips on how to book shows and restaurants, check out the full interview, with, Vegas, Girls, Night, Out the founder, On … Steck.


Emily DeCiccio, is a video producer and reporter for the Fox News Digital Print. Tweet her @EmilyDeCiccio.

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