How to Market Your Home-Based Beauty Salon

How to Market Your Home-Based Beauty Salon

Marketing your home-based beauty salon may be a little more difficult than marketing a regular salon–mainly because you aren’t located in a business district where you can get walk-ins or even a walk-by. You’re going to have to try hard to get attract attention and a clientele. If you’re looking for ideas on how to market your home-based beauty salon, the following tips may help.

Word of Mouth

Other forms of advertisement are going to be necessary, but word of mouth may be the most important part of your advertising campaign. If a friend tells you that she got the best haircut of her life from a certain salon, you’re interest is bound to be piqued. Most people would rather hear good things from someone they know, rather than see an ad and hope for the best.

Use your friends and family to your advantage–they can help get the word out there. To encourage your other customers to recommend your services, try getting a reward system set in place. For example, you can offer a free haircut or color for every five recommendations a customer provides. This will encourage your customers to talk you up to their friends and family, and before you know it, you could have someone’s entire family coming to you.

Social Networking Sites

People love to recommend, rate, review, and discover things on social networking sites Take advantage of that and get your business on Facebook, Twitter, and similar sites. It doesn’t cost anything to create an account for your business, and there is no limit to the number of customers you can reach online.


Another option to consider involves posting an ad on a site like craigslist, in the local newspaper, or even your online newspaper. You could even try putting a poster or ad up in your local diner or grocery store if they’ve got a bulletin board. Another thing you may consider doing is putting an ad in local newsletters. Many communities, churches, associations, and other organizations have regular newsletters that offer free or low-cost advertising for local businesses. If your business is new, they may even be willing to do a story on you or your salon.

Person to Person

Don’t let ads and other people do the all the talking for you. If you want to acquire a good reputation and start gaining clients, you have to take an active role in the marketing campaign. It’s important to get social, network, and put yourself out there. Tis will make it easier for potential clients to get to know you.

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