How to make an impression on your friends to Björk look in Gent

You popelt to Björk live to see the work, but fears of an idiot to look like this when you understand nothing of the concert-cum-avant-garde musical? Five tips and tricks.

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You associate suddenly just about everything on the stage with a vagina? Don’t worry, that is perfectly normal.

The masks, the flowers, the outfit: Björk is also putting visual is an extremely female show down. Bye patriarchy, hello matriarchy: it is time for the women! Kweel during Tabula Rasa so lustily: ‘Let’s clean up, break the chain, or the fuck-ups of the fathers / It is time for us women to rise and not just take it lying down / It is time, the world is listening.’


There is not necessarily one correct version of each song. It is a permanent experiment

Call the bizarre lassos with which the flautists during Features Creatures waving no lasso, but the harmonic whirlies.

That are hollow tubes that emit harmonic sounds, when you create them through the air zwiert. Björk discovered the strange sound it is already in the nineties through Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones, a compilation album full of strange instruments played by weird creatures. Among them were Sarah Hopkins, the woman behind the whirlies. Björk has Hopkins number Kindred Spirits since standard in her playlist. Make sure you do the same.

Whatever you do, do not say: ‘What was that crazy opening act!’

Say: ‘Ah, Lanark Artefax! That futuristic prodigy behind that fantastic remix of Arisen My Senses.’ Unusual support act may as a seasoned fan already long not more surprised. If in the past björk’s audience warm-up: Death Grips, Mykki Blanco, Konono N°1 and Aphex Twin. That last should even twice on tour.

Be in addition to Björk-connoisseur also a good friend.

Warn your less culturally savvy company that the Oh So Quiets and Hyperballads probably in Iceland are preserved. What Björk from her back-catalogue-case turns, you will then omverblazen. Or, as Björk says: ‘There is not necessarily one correct version of each song. It is a permanent experiment.’ Flutists Behaviour, let it come!

Arrive by public transport, choose a vegetable festivalsnack and nod approvingly to your reusable cup.

Why will immediately become clear at the beginning of the show. Without too much spoiling: Björk will thank you and you state, at least not for monkey.

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