How to crude oil for the european CHAMPIONSHIP of 2020?

After two more missed tournaments end in a row, hopes of the English national team is to qualify for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2020, which is in twelve different countries. What is the team’s coach, Ronald Koeman before?

Due to the Orange in June and was involved in the final of the Nations League, the only two who can kwalificatieduels play. It was a 4-0 win for White Russia, with a 2-3 loss to Germany.

All of the other countries in group C have more games played and still unbeaten, Northern Ireland and Germany, already have a head start on the Orange. The top two countries to place within the pool are directly in front of the CHAMPIONSHIP.

The orange will play in the next two and a half months to six EUROPEAN kwalificatieduels, including four away games. It should be the team trying to be one of the top two spots in the rankings to get hold of.

Position in the group C of european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifications

  • 1. The North Of Ireland, Between 4 And 12 (+5)
  • 2. Germany, 3-9 (+11)
  • 3. The netherlands is 2-3 (+3)
  • 4. – Estonia 3-0 (-11)
  • 5. Belarus 4-0 (-8)

Northern Ireland will play from the Orange and Germany

The north of Ireland, in the first four pouleduels, however, only against the weak brethren, latvia and belarus will be played. The team of head coach Michael O’neill, who will be playing in his final four games just yet, but against Germany, and Orange.

If two or more countries, with an equal number of points are achieved, will be the first look at the goal difference and number of goals.

If that is the exact same, the end, the team with the most away goals, or have the highest number of wins in away games at the top. Is there any difference in the fair play league table and the key.

Program of the Dutch team in european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier

  • September 6: Germany-the Netherlands
  • 9 march: Estonia-Netherlands
  • October 10: the Netherlands-Northern Ireland
  • 13 October: belarus, the Netherlands
  • November 16: the Northern-Ireland-the Netherlands
  • November 19: the Netherlands-Estonia

An escape route via the Nations League

When Amber is not in the first two countries, the poll ends, then it’s using the Nations League and a possible way of escaping. It does not matter whether or not the Netherlands are third, fourth or fifth in the kwalificatiepoule.

In march 2020, it will be a play-off is played at the last four EUROPEAN tickets. The orange is due to the good performance in the division of the Nations League (after the group’s profit in the final to Portugal), which was participating in the play-offs, if the team is not the regular route to the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifying.

In the play-offs will play Orange, then the semi-finals and a final match against the other countries in division A, which is not qualified for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, having made a bet of one EURO a ticket. Since it is very unlikely that all four countries have a strong division, the A is not directly for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, will be in the play-offs will be completed by countries in division B, and the possible division of the C.

Head Coach Ronald Koeman. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

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