How to cook with jerusalem artichokes: tips and recipes

The jerusalem artichoke, or jerusalem artichoke, is versatile and has a characteristic taste. ‘Great vegetables’, says Jamie Oliver. Tips and recipes to be successful with it to go in the kitchen.

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‘They are sweet, almost lookachtig and champignonachtig, and, especially, fantastic,” writes Jamie Oliver in one of his cookbooks on the jerusalem artichoke. In the kitchen you can there anything. ‘You can scrub and roast like a potato in the peel, afterwards cut lengthwise and sprinkle with some chili oil’. You can also process it in a salad with some bacon’. A they are close friends with sage, thyme, butter, bacon, cheese and anything smoked, ” said the British fornuismaestro.

Time to the jerusalem artichokes or topinamboers again under the microscope. And we have some more great combinations.

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The youngest years are jerusalem artichokes are very popular as a winter vegetable. This knolgroente, the family of the sunflowers, for centuries in our region and was already in 1600, grown in France. Gradually, he was on our tables what being supplanted by the potato. But in the meantime, he is all the way back, this ‘great vegetables’, such as Oliver describes.

Winter vegetable

Jerusalem artichokes are mainly from France and landed, where they are mainly in the north and in the Provence are grown. The cultivation is the same as that of potatoes, only seems to be the leaves on that of sunflowers, grows up to 2.5 metres high, and the geschrobde tubers more tightly fused than potatoes. The harvesting period is the same as that of potatoes: from september to november.

Continue the hardy tubers during the winter in the ground, then they will be in the spring to re-finish it. With us were which shoots used to be covered with jute bags or ceramic pots and that way ‘forced’. The result were bleached shoots of 5 mm thick, similar to hop, but with the unmistakable smoky and nutty aardperenaroma.

Smoky aroma
Topinamboers are not only captivated, but also in the North-African kitchen, where they raw, grated and wrung out to be eaten. They also like potatoes boiled in their skins in the oven to be cooked, spread out on coarse salt. Just as with potatoes, the taste is more concentrated and slightly rounder than when they simply be boiled in lightly salted water, or when they are eaten raw are served.

Typical for topinamboers is the smoky and what artisjokachtige aroma that during the prepare occurs. Perhaps that’s why their English name: ‘Jerusalem artichokes‘.

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Sweeter than potatoes
The slightly sweet, full-bodied and earthy flavor goes well in stews and with game, but also with crustaceans and shellfish. That full and rich character is associated with a high sugar content.

Jerusalem artichokes taste somewhat sweeter than potatoes and that sweet button, during the store like potatoes more pronounced. This is due to the contact of the tubers with oxygen, a chemical reaction in motion.

In potatoes, starch is converted into sugars, in topinamboers going to be the slightly sweeter-tasting substance inulin. That inulin makes jerusalem artichokes interesting for diabetics.

Combinations with jerusalem artichokes
The full smaakstructuur of jerusalem artichokes refers to ripe, full-bodied and quite powerful flavors. They don’t taste really refined and delicate, but rather around and concentrated. In good combinations, they are at their place at ingredients with an equally mature taste, especially with meat. Think of poultry such as pigeon, duck and guinea fowl, and, to a lesser extent, organ meats and white meats such as pork.

But also in crustaceans and shellfish fit jerusalem artichokes perfect, just like most other knolachtige vegetables. Lobster, spiny lobster, langoustines, crab, mussels, and scallops especially in prepared form the same soft, full-bodied flavor. Four recipes to get started. Tasty.


Soup of jerusalem artichokes with roasted hazelnuts and bacon

Puree of jerusalem artichokes with confit of duck and kerrieaardappelen

Raw jerusalem artichokes with black pudding, green celery, and a vinaigrette of apple, olive oil and honey

Mashed jerusalem artichokes with scallops, girolles and sherryboter

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