How to check to see if you are related to a Pilgrim

The Mayflower II, a replica of the original ship that brought the Pilgrims to Massachusetts in 1620, is to see in Plymouth, Mass., 2014.

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Discover if you’re descended from the Pilgrims is “easier than ever.” A new database provides for the first time online-records on more than 59,450 fifth-generation descendants of the small group that sailed to the New World aboard the Mayflower in 1620.

Of the approximately 132 passengers and crew members, 51 are known descendants, estimated to number 35 million of other side of the world, according to the AP. About 10 million are believed to remain in the U.S., according to the General society of Mayflower Descendants.

To find out if you are below that number, you just need to visit the database and type the name of an ancestor who lived in the 1700’s or 1800, as the Pilgrims’ fifth-generation descendants, reports USA Today.

With more than half a million searchable names, is it “easier than ever to know whether a person descended from one who planted the first permanent settlement of New England at Plymouth Colony and ultimately the basis for America”, D.

Brenton Simons of the New England Historic Genealogical society tells the AP. But although some use is free, access to the full database requires that the society membership, which is $35 for three months.

The database is just one of the efforts in honor of the Mayflower journey for its 400 year anniversary in 2020. The Plymouth Herald reports more than $373 million will be spent on celebrations in the united kingdom, while the New Hampshire Elm Research Institute calls on the communities to plant American Liberty elms, per the AP.

(Can We finally know exactly where the first pilgrims lived.)

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