How to Avoid Unpleasant Odor down There

How to Avoid Unpleasant Odor down There

It is quite common for women to have feminine odor but there are cases when the smell becomes very unpleasant which could lead to embarrassing experiences.

A vaginal or feminine odor has various causes but in most situations, it has something to do with poor hygiene. Furthermore, vaginal odor can also be caused by STD or sexually transmitted disease.

Typically, genital odor is caused by an overgrowth of bad bacteria which can lead to inflammation on or around the vaginal area. This type of vaginal infection can be prevented through proper genital hygiene.

Effective genital hygiene habits are essential to eliminating odor but it should not be overdone. Always remember that too much of anything is not good. Take everything into moderation.

Below is a list of tips on how to prevent the development of vaginal odor.

Avoid wearing leather and synthetic clothing – These types of clothing hinder the passage of air that would cause massive perspiration. Wear loose cotton undies instead.

Stop using scented soaps – If you are using scented soaps in washing your vagina, you should stop that habit. Scented soaps and other some feminine wash can kill the good bacteria in your vagina leaving the bad ones which would eventually lead you to develop unpleasant genital odor.

Dry your genital after taking a bath – Using a clean and dry towel, make sure your vagina is free from after-bath moist. This is to keep bad bacteria from breeding on your genital area. Also, always remember to clean your vagina from front to back to avoid the transfer of bacteria from your anal area onto your genitals.

Avoid leaving your tampon in place for too long – You should not forget to change your tampon frequently to avoid irritation that could lead to bad odor and infection.

Wear a thin panty pad – Wearing thin panty pads after sexual intercourse can help you avoid vaginal odor especially if you have odor problems down there after doing the deed. Thin panty pads can help mask and absorb odor. Oftentimes, the semen of a new sex partner can cause unpleasant vaginal odor to develop.

Eat more Yogurt – Yogurt is known for its good bacteria that help your intestine in fighting bad bacteria. Eating yogurt more often can help you get rid of vaginal yeast infection that leads to bad vaginal odor.

Drink lots of Water – Water therapy is still one of the easiest way in cleansing your body. It has natural elements that can wash out impurities, thus helping you avoid any unpleasant smell or odor.

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