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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Inc. ‘ s (AMZN.(O), cloud computing, arm, is making an aggressive push in one of the most vulnerable sectors of AMERICAN elections.

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The expansion of Amazon Web Services at the provincial and local elections, a peaceful, increased one since the 2016 presidential election. More than 40 states now use one or more of Amazon’s election of the offer, according to a presentation given by one of Amazon’s executive of the year and seen by Reuters.

Thus, America’s two major political parties, the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, and the united states federal agency that is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the federal campaign finance laws.

While it’s not going to be voting on the election day, the AWS, together with an extensive network of partners, there is now a state and county election web sites, retail stores, registration of voters ‘ rolls and ballot data, and to facilitate overseas voting by military personnel, and assist with the delivery of a live, election-night results, according to company documents and interviews.

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In the full public view of Amazon’s strategic move into the US elections, the infrastructure, the Reuters review of the previously non-regulated business presentations and documents, and conducted more than two dozen interviews with lawmakers, and the election of the administrator, and the chief of the election security, and technology in nearly a dozen states and provinces, the use of Amazon’s cloud services.

Amazon places itself as a low-cost provider of secure election technology, at a time when the local government officials, and political campaigns, have been under intense pressure to prevent a repeat of the 2016 presidential election, which saw a cyber-attack on the voting system and the election of the necessary infrastructure.

“The fact that we have invested heavily in this area, it will help in order to bear witness to the fact that, in more than 40 states, the Amazon, the cloud is assumed to be familiar with the power of a certain aspect of the election,” Michael Jackson, chief, Public health and the Health of the AMERICAN presidential Election process in the WORLD, said the future of government customers in February by a presentation on a webinar, which was seen by Reuters.

The efforts made by the company to be met by the appointment of the administrators, in interviews, said that they have a problem with keeping old systems up-to-date on the local level.

In the state of Oregon, for example, the state-of-the-house servers are to provide support for the election services every time when there is a power outage – a likely to occur as in Oregon, updates on the electricity network, according to Peter Threlkel, the chief information officer with the Oregon Secretary of state. When moving to the cloud solves that problem, and Oregon ran a pilot project with the WORLD movement, the voter registration system to the cloud, ” he said.

Some security experts, such as David O’Berry, co-founder, Precog, Security, said the move to AWS is a good option for this campaign who do not have the means to protect themselves.”

Still, Amazon’s growing presence in the elections, the business would be undermined, which many officials see as a strength of the AMERICAN system and vote: decentralization.

Most of the security, the experts Reuters spoke to said that while Amazon’s cloud, it is likely to be much more difficult to hack than the system is replaced, the loading of data from many different jurisdictions on a single system, it increases the likelihood that one major security breach could turn out to be damaged.

It’s on Amazon for a higher purpose,” for ” hacking, “and also adds to the challenge of an insider attack,” said Chris Vickery, managing director of the cyber risk assessment in the area of cyber-security startup, Upguard.

A recent hack-in-Capital One Financial Corp (COF.(N) of the data that is stored on Amazon’s cloud service has been committed by a former Amazon employee. The breach affected more than 100 million customers, with a focus on how to prevent fraudulent workers or non skilled workers can create security risks, even if the underlying systems are safe and secure. [nL2N24U1LH]

Amazon says that its systems are reliable. “At the time, states, counties, cities, and countries will have to make use of AWS services in order to provide for the upgrading of their election for enhanced protection, reliability, scalability, and analytics in an efficient and effective use of taxpayer dollars,” an AWS spokesperson told Reuters.

In the Amazon, is at the election of the company, if the company is faced with criticism from politicians, unions and privacy advocates over its business practices, and the impact. The President, Donald Trump has been accused by the company of the competitive, dishonest, and has repeatedly attacked the new york times, is owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, for the alleged bias, as a compensation, Bezos, and the paper deny that.

Amazon has been forging ahead. Now, with the privileges of the web sites of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), according to a source, election security experts.

The FEC, DNC, and the RNC declined to comment. A person familiar with the DNC’s plan, he said, the commission recently moved the data from the AWS to the Letter, the property of Google (GOOGL.(O) the cloud-based service, but offers no explanation as to the reason for the shift.

Amazon is also a winner of a great deal of individual candidates, the board directs the company, for the election of a push, and said earlier this year.

“Some of the most presidential, congressional and governor campaigns are familiar to AWS,” Amazon Jackson, told clients in February, webinar, seen by Reuters.

For example, the Democratic presidential front-runner is Joe Biden’s fundraising operations rely on the WORLD, a source with knowledge of the matter said. The Biden campaign did not respond to requests for comment. In the past, the WORLD of driven, the Obama for America campaign in 2012, the source added.

Reuters could not verify what the cloud service will Trump the campaign that was used. It didn’t have a comment section.

The privatisation of the members of the infrastructure is part of a broader trend that finds its way on to almost each and every aspect of the activities of the public sector in America, from parking tickets to prison and will remain under the Trump administration.

Microsoft Corp’s (MSFT.(O) Services, the main rival to AWS, the government, the business community, and offers a range of election services, but it is not aimed at them, and the lags in the Amazon, according to the companies, which partner with the two firms to work on government contracts. Microsoft declined to comment.

Amazon is also competing with the traditional election technology vendors, including Elections Systems & Software (ES&S) and Dominion Voting Systems Corp., which will provide a number of related services, such as election night reporting, and data warehousing, according to the consultant.

An ES&S spokeswoman said the company does not have, and the impact of Amazon’s efforts. Dominion did not respond to requests for comment.


The voting itself is done, not through Amazon. The voting machines in most states are not connected to any cloud service.

But the election will require a range of different techniques in order to keep track of the voters and to the provision of information. In the Amazon, often in collaboration with specialist partners who are actually bidding on government contracts, and have been on Amazon as a preferred vendor.

North Carolina has opted for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, to deliver the election night results reporting, because it was easy to set up and is very, very low cost,” the State Board of Elections, said. Before, it was working with Amazon to North Carolina and spent “thousands of dollars” in the same department. In the Amazon, for a fee of less than $100 during the presidential elections in 2016, and in 2018 for the same service, and the State Board of Elections, said.

California, Alameda County, turned to Amazon’s cloud, and to let citizens see the results on election night. The cost is less than $100 a year, officials said.

In his webinar, customers of Amazon, Jackson said, is that these services will help the company to win larger contracts. For example, Oklahoma city has tied-up with a partner of Amazon, and pay $26,000 for the services running on the servers of Amazon, as Well as Objectionable, the assistant secretary of the Oklahoma State Election board, said.

Amazon has three categories of election-related customers, election of managers by the member states and provinces, political campaigns, and elections-related non-profit organizations, documents, presentations, and interviews to show it.

The company’s expansion into the election arena is a reflection of the wider dominance in the fast-growing cloud-computing business. Amazon had 33% of the total cloud market in the second quarter of 2019, followed by Microsoft, according to SRG Research. For a graphic on the share of the market, then

AWS, launched in 2006, has $25.7 billion in sales by 2018, and it is the company’s biggest profit generator. It was not clear how big the election of a business, it is within the WORLD, and the company has declined to provide any details.


One of the major security problems with the election systems in the voter registration data, the Russian hackers have been violated, at least in Arizona, and in Illinois in 2016, according to the FBI.

These databases include the general, voter ID information, such as a partial social security numbers, home addresses, voting history, party affiliation, or the beginning of the vote, was sent to the early primary votes for independent voters, provisional ballots, and hand-written signatures of electors and absent voting, according to a new analysis of RFP’s (request for proposal) from a state in search of such databases to the cloud.

Vickery, who is the director of the Upguard, have been discovered in at least three cases in which the voter’s details on Amazon’s cloud servers exposed to the internet, which had previously been reported.

For example, in 2017, when there was a Republican, the contractor’s database for almost each and every registered American voter can be hosted on the WORLD is exposed to the internet for up to 12 days. In 2016, he found himself in Mexico, all the voter database on the WORLD’s servers was leaked.

In the Amazon, said that the violations were caused by the customer errors, and to add that, while the WORLD that the cloud-based infrastructure, the customer will be responsible for the safety and security of the cloud.

The errors caused by the customers could be continue to be, experts say, is that if there are a lot of employees of states and counties that make use of AWS services to does not have the skills and training to avoid such mistakes in the future.

Greg Miller, co-founder of the slightly offset from Center, which is working with the u.s. Department of Homeland Security, as well as of the Congress concerning the election of safety and security, also noted that many of Amazon’s partners, such as technology companies, are also known as managed service providers (MSP’s) who will be responsible for the delivery of AWS services to the customers, not the credentials or the experience that is needed in the provision of and the use of the election to the services.

Amazon did not comment on the matter.

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Any of these risks, to fail, to be discouraged, which may have signed up with AWS.

“We think that the (AWS) provides us with the best available level of protection and security,” said Ron Morgan, the deputy chief and the county clerk of Travis County, Texas, is one of the largest counties in the state, which uses Amazon’s servers to the election web site.

“Is it bullet proof? I don’t know,” he added. “But it’s still a very, very, very, very hard to target? Yes, absolutely.”

Reporting by Nandita Bose in Washington; Additional reporting by Jeffrey Dastin in San Francisco, and now Bing is in Washington; Editing by Chris Sanders and Edward Tobin

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