How to Accessorize Your Cheerleading Uniform

How to Accessorize Your Cheerleading Uniform

One of the great facets of cheerleading is the ability to add your own personal flair to your routine and your cheer gear. Sometimes adding a bit of accessorizing to a team’s uniforms can help a squad look more polished, or simply add some flattery to each member’s look.

Check out these accessories for your squad if you are looking to accessorize your uniforms.

Try Some Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos can be a great addition to a cheerleading uniform. While many teams choose to put them on their cheeks, you can put them anywhere on your body, such as your ankle, shoulder, or calf. Squads can order temporary tattoos in a variety of colors and designs, from pom poms decals to your own custom school logo. These tattoos can be found in almost any color or mascot, and are a great way to show off some school spirit. Temporary tattoos can be ordered in bulk, so your team will have enough for the season. You can even hand them out to the fans as well to get the audience involved in some school spirit.

Hype up with Hair Bows

Many cheer squads wear cheer bows in their ponytails during routines. These are a great way to spice up a cheer uniform and extend school colors across the entire outfit. Hair bows come in just about every design and color imaginable, so you can match the colors of your bows with your uniform. Bows are a cute way to show school spirit, and are an excellent way to encourage your team members to keep their hair pulled back and out of the way. These accessories are also very low cost, so they can easily fit into any team’s budget.

Customized Socks and Shoes

Along with other accessories that you can order customized, you can also order socks and shoes with your school name and mascot included. If you don\\\\\\\’t want a custom design, you can choose from a variety of basic custom designs to show your school spirit. Socks can be a great addition to a cheer uniform because they can help a squad look more uniform overall. The more accessories that are offered, the less variety there will be within the team, and the more cohesive the group will look as a whole.

If you decide to order these accessories, make sure that your entire squad is on board with the choice. This helps ensure that these accessories will be adhered to throughout the group. Cheer accessories can be found online or through printed catalogs. You can get most of these accessories mailed to you within a couple of weeks, so purchase them in time for next season, and start filling your fun routines with flattering accessories.

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